ACADEMIC PROGRAMS: New Russia Policy & Society MSc and PhD Programmes at King’s College London, King’s Russia Institute

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From: “Samuel Greene” <>
Subject: New Russia policy & society programmes in London
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013

The King’s Russia Institute at King’s College London is now accepting applications for our MSc in Russian Politics & Society and our PhD in Russian & Eurasian Studies. Offering a unique, multi-disciplinary and globally integrated approach to the study of Russia’s most pressing domestic and international policy challenges, our programmes draw on a strong core of Russia expertise and the rich context of King’s Global Institutes. Students will gain a thorough knowledge of contemporary Russian society, economics and governance, together with a fluency in the issues and forces shaping a rapidly changing world.

In our 12-month MSc programme, Russian Politics & Society, students will unpack the challenges of political, economic and social change that have built contemporary Russia since 1985, while engaging directly with practitioners from government, diplomacy, finance, industry, the media, NGOs, cultural organisations and other important fields of interest. Alongside that training, students will select a field for more in-depth policy-relevant research in domestic or foreign policy, gaining strong disciplinary training in a field of the social sciences or humanities through a combination of Russia-focused and comparative options, culminating in an original dissertation research project. Fields on offer include energy and natural resources, trade, development, domestic and international security, law, social policy, media and culture, and history, among others.

In our PhD programme, Russian & Eurasian Studies, research students will pursue questions within a multi-disciplinary community of social scientists focusing on Russia and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Fields on offer include energy and natural resources, trade, governance, domestic and international security, social policy, media and culture, religion, sub-national and regional politics, and history, among others, with supervising researchers drawn from the disciplines of political science, political economy, international relations, sociology, management, law and history.

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