U.S. experts coming to Moscow to consult on kids Americans wanted to adopt

File Photo of Russian Orphans with Mr. and Mrs. Dmitry Medvedev

(Interfax – February 12, 2013)

U.S. experts will come to Moscow to consult with Russian officials on the destiny of orphans, who could have been adopted by Americans.

“Americans asked for consultations, and a large delegation will visit us and will discuss with our officials how to track those kids, who have already come within the field of vision of the American adoption agencies,” Russian children’s rights commissioner Pavel Astakhov said at a meeting with public organizations on Tuesday.

Astakhov said that there were currently 172 Russian children, who were considered for adoption by Americans this way or that.

“32 kids have already left for the United States, two more are leaving this week – I’m talking about those kids the courts have already ruled on. The others were simply chosen,” Astakhov said.

“I asked the American side to provide me with lists showing how many times and how frequently parents have met with a child,” Astakhov said in an attempt to estimate how strong a bond had been established between them.

“No one has given us lists yet. All we’ve had is an almighty howl – let the sick kids go. That’s why the delegation will come and choose a way to interact with the Ministry of Education and Science,” Astakhov said.

Astakhov said he did not think that Americans adopting Russian orphans was a solution to the problem of Russian orphans.

“This prevents us from sorting out our problems. Requests [like] let kids go to the U.S. are to show our complete helplessness,” Astakhov said.