Trump team turned out more effective during election campaign

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ST. PETERSBURG. June 2 (Interfax) – Donald Trump won the presidential elections in the United States because his work of his team turned out more effective and the accusations made against Russia of interference in the U.S. election campaign are reminiscent of anti-Semitism, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“What fingerprints? Say hornprints, hoofprints. What? Whose prints are these? IP addresses can be invented. You know how many specialists there are, they will arrange it in such a way [as to show] that your children send something from your home computer, your three-year-old child, your three-year-old girl carried out an attack. There are such specialists in the sphere of these technologies now that they can invent anything and then blame anyone,” Putin said on Friday at a plenary session at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum while answering a question from a host about the allegedly detected ‘Russian connection’ in interference in the U.S. election campaign.

The Russian president said it is not evidence, but an attempt to shift the blame on someone else.

“The problem is not us, the problem is inside U.S. politics. The Trump team turned out more effective in the election campaign. I myself sometimes thought that the man was going too far. Honestly. But it turned out that he was right, that he had found an approach to those population groups, those groups of voters on whom he placed his stake. And they came and voted for him. And the other team miscalculated. They don’t want to admit that mistake […] It’s easier to say that it’s not our fault, it’s the Russians’ fault,” Putin said.

“That reminds me of anti-Semitism – it’s all the Jews’ fault. If one is a nitwit and can’t do anything, it’s the Jews’ fault. But we know what such things result in – they don’t lead to anything good. One just has to work, think how to correct one’s mistakes,” the Russian president said.