Russians worry most about price rise, poverty, unemployment – poll

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MOSCOW. Aug 31 (Interfax) – Price rise still tops the list of social problems in the eyes of Russians, although its topically has declined over recent years, from 78% in 2015 to 61% now, Levada Analytical Center told Interfax.

The other two of the top three problems are poverty and massive destitution (45%), and growing unemployment, corruption and bribery (33%).

Twenty-eight percent of Russians are concerned about the economic crisis and decline in industrial and agricultural production (32% in 2015).

A quarter is worried about the abyss between the rich and the poor and unfair distribution of income, as well as non-affordability of many types of healthcare services (the significance of this problem has grown from 20% in 2015 to 26% now).

Fifteen percent mentioned a crisis of morals and culture, 14% – deteriorating environmental conditions, 13% – the growing scope of paid education services and non-affordability of education, and 12% – dominance and arbitrariness of civil servants and the growing rates of drug abuse.

Other pressing problems include the war in eastern Ukraine (14% vs 22% in 2015), and the threat of explosions and other kinds of terror attacks (12% vs 5% before).

A tenth is worried about the Western sanctions against Russia (11%), the ruble fall/depreciation of the national currency and weakness of the authorities (10%), unfair justice and the growing rate of criminal offenses (8%), the influx of migrants (10%), and deteriorating inter-ethnic relations (7%).

The least worries are salary, pension and benefit delays and rudeness and cruelty of the police (6%) and shrinking liberties and democratic freedoms (4%).

The sociologists polled 1,600 adults in 137 populated localities in 48 regions on August 18-22.