Russians More Concerned About Economy Than Ukraine – Poll

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(Moscow Times – – September 2, 2015)

Economic crisis and the resulting poverty, inflation and growing inequality are more important to Russians than the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, a poll conducted by the independent Levada Center revealed on Monday.

While the civil strife in eastern Ukraine still features on the list of Russians’ top 10 concerns, it was mentioned by only 22 percent of respondents.

Seventy-eight percent said they were concerned about inflation, 42 percent said they were worried about increasing poverty and 36 percent were afraid of rising unemployment.

The poll was conducted among 1,600 people with a margin of error not exceeding 3.4 percent.

The recent plunge in oil prices and sanctions imposed against Russia by Western countries over the Ukraine crisis have triggered a sharp crisis in the country’s economy. Real incomes have fallen as inflation has reached more than 15 percent.

The Economic Development Ministry is expecting the country’s economy to contract by 3.3 percent this year and grow by 1-2 percent next year.