Russian Unemployment Spans From 0.6% in Moscow to 47.3% in Ingushetia

Map of Russia

MOSCOW. Oct 19 (Interfax) – Differentiation between the levels of unemployment in Russia’s federal districts remains strong – the gap in the districts can surpass four-fold and in the regions 80-fold, the Federal State Statistics Service Rosstat said in a report on employment and unemployment in September.

The lowest level of unemployment, in accordance with ILO criteria, was in the Central Federal District at 3.1%, while the highest was in the North Caucasus Federal District at 13.2%.

Unemployment levels in August were 3.7% in the North West Federal District, 4.7% in the Volga FD, 5.3% in the Urals FD, 6% in the Southern FD, 6.6% in the Far East FD and 7% in the Siberian FD.

Unemployment in Russia overall was the same in September as it was in August – 5.2%.

Among the regions with the highest levels of unemployment in January-September 2012 (on average for the three months for increased data representation) were Ingushetia (47.3%) and Chechnya (33%). There was also high unemployment in Tuva (23.2%), Dagestan (11.6%), Altai (10.8%), Kalmykia (10.4%) and Transbaikal (10.7%).

The lowest levels of unemployment in January-September 2012 were in Moscow (0.6%), St. Petersburg (1%), the Moscow region (2.8%) and the Magadan region (3.1%).