RUSSIALINK TRANSCRIPT: Vladimir Putin cast his vote during municipal elections in Moscow – KremlinRu

Kremlin and Saint Basil's File Photo

( – September 10, 2017)

The President visited polling station No. 2151 in Moscow’s Gagarinsky District and cast his vote in elections for deputies of local self-government bodies.

On the unified voting day, elections of various levels take place in 82 regions of Russia. People are voting for top officials in a number of Russian Federation’s constituent entities, regional parliament deputies, and representatives of municipal authorities.

Question: For whom have you cast your vote?

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: This is secret information.

Question: Do you know these candidates?

Vladimir Putin: Yes, I do.

Question: Did you follow the election campaign?

Vladimir Putin: Not really.

Question: Mr President, will Russia offer aid to Cuba following Hurricane Irma?

Vladimir Putin: Yes, we are ready [to do this]. Emergencies Minister [Vladimir Puchkov] has already offered help. We are prepared to help.

Remark: Thank you.

Vladimir Putin: Where do I know the candidates from – well, I’ve read their biographies in advance.

Question: So, it was an informed choice??

Vladimir Putin: Yes, it was.

Remark: As you can see, voter turnout is rather low.

Vladimir Putin: I can see it, yes. But there are many of you here.

Remark: Our turnout is 100 percent as usual.

Vladimir Putin: Not bad at all. That journalists are showing interest in municipal elections is also a very important thing.

Remark: But this isn’t the case with residents.

Vladimir Putin: There are going to be more, the day is still young.

Remark: After they watch the news about your taking part.

Vladimir Putin: We will see.

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