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Kremlin and Saint Basil's File Photo

( – September 9, 2017)

Vladimir Putin congratulated Moscow residents on the city’s 870th anniversary.

The President attended a concert in Red Square and congratulated Moscow residents and guests on the 870th anniversary of the city’s founding.

Speech at gala concert in Red Square marking Moscow’s 870th anniversary.

Russian President Vladimir Putin: Muscovites, visitors to the city, Mr Prime Minister, Mr Sobyanin,

I would like to congratulate you all on City Day!

This day is always marked by grand and festive celebration, with people expressing their sincere love for Moscow, its centuries’ old history and its contemporary achievements, their pride for our beautiful capital – a dynamic, and innovative city, ready to face the future and invariably majestic in its ancient beauty.

Moscow is the centre of the Russian state. Serving as a gatherer of Russian lands, it grew and gained power slowly but profoundly and confidently. Here in Moscow different cultures and traditions concentrated and intertwined, solidifying the spiritual power of our multi-ethnic people.

History has confirmed the creative and uniting role of Moscow throughout the centuries. Moscow has rightly earned the respect and veneration it receives from the citizens of Russia.

Times and generations change but a warm, I would even say caring attitude to Moscow is a permanent value, as well as an interest in its development and transformation.

It is one of the most modern megacities in the world. It is open to implementing new extraordinary ideas, to investment in advanced research and bold business projects, to initiatives in culture and urban space development.

Moscow is a centre of attraction for gifted, hardworking and educated people who can cope with the fast and intense rhythm of the capital. For those who are moving forward, towards success, results and professional growth.

Prompt introduction of advanced technologies, effective development instruments, reliance on the residents’ initiative and intellectual and creative potential have become Moscow’s landmarks.

A large-scale reconstruction is underway here now. It was embarked on in line with the status of one of the world’s largest metropolises. Its priority goal is to enhance the comfort and quality of life of Moscow residents.

Reconstruction is always a difficult and troublesome matter, much like home renovation. It must begin sooner or later, and it is good that Moscow authorities have taken it up so resolutely while heeding residents’ advice.

Friends, the energy of Moscow’s renovation, its infrastructure and social projects have a tremendous significance for our country. The capital has always been at the forefront, it can achieve its ambitious goals. And today, as ever, Muscovites are at their best.

I wish you all the very best and hope that you will continue to boldly move forward. Health and well-being to you!

Greetings on Moscow Day!

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