RUSSIALINK: “Kremlin cool on U.S. cooperation overtures” – Interfax

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(Interfax – April 24, 2018)

The Kremlin has responded coolly to US statements about President Donald Trump’s reported readiness to cooperate with Russia.

Commenting on US ambassador to Russia John Huntsman’s recent statement that Trump is “aiming to lessen tensions” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “As of now, the reality, the real state of affairs, real steps which we see coming from Washington are evidence to the contrary.”

Dmitry Peskov file photo adapted from image at commonsWhen it comes to the US statement about a possible lifting of its sanctions against Russian aluminium giant Rusal if its major shareholder, Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska, cedes control of the company, Peskov said: “These statements have a hypothetical nature.”

“It is hard to judge how consistent our American vis-a-vis will be”, he said, adding that “many provocative acts and statements are now coming out of Washington”.

“That is why I would like to remain restrained. This does not provide a possibility or a reason for giving either a positive or negative assessment. In general, the situation leaves much to be desired”.

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