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RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#188 table of contents with links :: Wednesday 27 August 2014

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[check back for updates, including more links; links also posted to facebook and twitter] Johnson’s Russia List JRL 2014-#187 :: Wednesday 27 August 2014 E-Mail: davidjohnson@starpower.net A project of the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES) at The George  Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs: www.ieres.org JRL homepage: russialist.org JRL on Facebook: facebook.com/russialist  JRL on Twitter: twitter.com/JohnsonRussiaLi Support JRL: russialist.org/funding.php  1. Financial Times: The right stomach for sanctions.

Russia Beyond the Headlines: Distribution of Russian humanitarian assistance begins in Lugansk

Ukraine Map and Flag

(Russia Beyond the Headlines – rbth.ru – Alexandra Trifonova, Nikolai Litovkin, RBTH – August 26, 2014) The issuing of provisions of Russian humanitarian aid in Lugansk has begun after the controversial arrival of the aid convoy from Moscow. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says another convoy is planned and insists that on this occasion delivery

RIA Novosti: Questions Left Unanswered at Putin-Poroshenko Minsk Talks

Petro Poroschenko file photo, with additional men in background, adapted from image at state.gov

MOSCOW, August 27 (RIA Novosti), Antonina Ivanova – The talks on Ukraine in the Belarusian capital of Minsk that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said would decide “the fate of the world and Europe” did not yield any breakthrough solutions to the conflict in eastern Ukraine. The talks were attended by the presidents of Russia and

Ukraine: Cool the Rhetoric; Focus on the Outcome

Maidan Square file photo

(jackmatlock.com - Jack Matlock - August 26, 2014) Jack Matlock is a career diplomat who served on the front lines of American diplomacy during the Cold War and was U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union when the Cold War ended. In his interview with Thomas Friedman published on August 9, President Obama gave a convincing explanation of

Business New Europe: “Scores” of regular Russian troops captured, claims Ukraine commander

Ukraine Map and Flag

(Business New Europe – bne.eu – Graham Stack in Schastye, Ukraine – August 27, 2014) Irregular and regular Ukrainian forces have already captured “scores” of Russian Federation forces, a battalion commander tells bne, after Ukrainian media played videos of interviews with some captured members of Russia’s elite Pskov airborne division. Ukraine now appears to possess

Moscow Times: Russian Paratroops in Ukraine: Lost in a Game of Thrones

Map of Western CIS/FSU and European Environs

(Moscow Times – themoscowtimes.com – Alexey Eremenko, Ivan Nechepurenko – August 27, 2014) A slew of reports about Russian paratroopers slain or captured in Ukraine have reignited fears of a Russian invasion in the war-torn country, but confusion reigned supreme, indicating that the stories are above all part of the propaganda battle. The reports came

Minsk peace talks make little progress as shelling in Ukraine continues

Ukraine Map and Flag

(Business New Europe – bne.eu – Ben Aris in Moscow – August 27, 2014) There was little concrete progress in bringing about a ceasefire in the conflict ravaging eastern Ukraine, following a two-hour tete-a-tete between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko behind closed doors at a regional summit held in the marble-clad

RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#187 table of contents with links :: Tuesday 26 August 2014

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… 6. Reuters: Slim chance of progress as Russian and Ukrainian leaders meet.
7. Moscow Times: Ukraine Compromise on the Table in Minsk.
8. Carnegie Moscow Center: Balazs Jarabik, Minsk Freeze: Can Ukraine Handle a Compromise? …

RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#186 table of contents with links :: Monday 25 August 2014

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… 29. Moscow Times: Alexey Eremenko, On Independence Day, Ukraine’s Existence Questioned.
30. www.opendemocracy.net: Rodric Braithwaite, Review: Serhii Plokhy, ‘The Last Empire.’ When the Soviet Empire collapsed, Ukraine was the key.
31. Financial Times: Susan Glasser, Putin profits politically from wars and western apologists. The west is told what it wants to hear and turns a convenient blind eye. …

Ukraine Compromise on the Table in Minsk

Ukraine Map and Flag

(Moscow Times – themoscowtimes.com – Ivan Nechepurenko – August 26, 2014) After months of a bloody struggle over the fate of Ukraine, all sides in the conflict will attempt to initiate a tangible diplomatic resolution to the crisis during high-profile talks in the Belarussian capital Minsk on Tuesday, to be attended by the Russian and

Russia Claims Captured Soldiers Crossed Ukraine Border by Accident

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

(Moscow Times – themoscowtimes.com – Ivan Nechepurenko – August 26, 2014) The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that the ten Russian paratroopers captured by Ukrainian security services in the country’s east are indeed Russian, but said they crossed the border by mistake. Ukrainian security services earlier on Tuesday claimed they had detained ten Russian servicemen

As Russia and U.S. Struggle, China Rejoices

China Map

(Moscow Times – themoscowtimes.com – Alexander Panin – August 25, 2014) With multi-billion dollar energy deals between Moscow and Beijing recently being pushed through, China, the world’s second-biggest economy, is benefiting the most from the spiraling tension between Russia and the West over the violence in Ukraine. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban earlier this month

Opposition claims victory in Abkhazia’s presidential poll

Georgia Beach in Abkhazia Region

(Business New Europe – bne.eu – August 25, 2014) Opposition candidate Raul Khadzhimba has claimed victory in the August 24 presidential poll in the breakaway Georgian republic of Abkhazia. Khadzhimba’s campaign staff said he had taken around 60% of the vote in the first round of voting in the unrecognized state. The head of Khadzhimba’s

@Fu-kingPutin; The rhetoric of hatred describing the situation in Ukraine misses the point – Ukraine has problems that are not derived from Russia or the Putin presidency

File Photo of Vladimir Putin Seated at Desk

(opendemocracy.net - David Marples - August 22, 2014) David Marples is Distinguished University Professor in the Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta, Canada. For summer 2014 he is Visiting Professor at the Slavic and Eurasian Research Center, Hokkaido University, Japan. [DJ: Just to clarify: One word in this article has been tweaked so that spam

Interfax: Moscow ready for transparency in delivering second aid batch for eastern Ukraine – Lavrov

Russian Foreign Ministry Building Tower file photo

MOSCOW. Aug 25 (Interfax) – Russia is ready for complete openness in its actions in issues relating to the delivery of humanitarian aid to south-eastern Ukraine and urges against speculation on this topic, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a news conference in Moscow. “We have an absolutely open approach here and we are

Interfax: Moscow open to any format of Ukraine settlement – Lavrov

Sergei Lavrov file photo

MOSCOW. Aug 25 (Interfax) – Russia is ready to take part in settling the Ukrainian crisis in any format, provided this “does not substitute the substance,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “Basically, we are prepared – as was repeatedly stressed by President Putin – for any format, as long as there is a result

JRL Helpful Guide to Avoiding “Russian Lies”

World Map Showing Continents, Greens, Browns, Ice

[note from web editor: check back for activated hyperlinks] DJ: On rare occasion “Russian lies” show up in a few of these sources but for the most part you are safe. All of these have appeared in JRL and have achieved a greater coherence of message than, say, Russia Direct or the Valdai Discussion Club.

RE: 2014-#184-Johnson’s Russia List/Russian lies

Map of European Portion of Former Soviet Union

Subject: RE: 2014-#184-Johnson’s Russia List/Russian lies Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 From: Anders Aslund <AAslund@PIIE.COM> David: Why do you run so many obvious Russian lies, such as this one? RIA Novosti: Shelling Kills Hundreds in Besieged Luhansk in East Ukraine. Frankly, I have stopped reading your list as I see little but Putin propaganda in

Interfax: Poroshenko will not agree to peace in exchange for Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity

File photo of Barack Obama and Petro Poroshenko facing one another, with Obama gesturing

(Interfax – August 25, 2014) Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that peace in the zone of the armed operation will not be achieved at the expense of Ukraine’s sovereignty or territorial integrity. “Steps to peace cannot be unilateral. They should not be taken at the expense of the sovereignty, territorial integrity or independence of

Ukrainians Now Almost Unanimous in Supporting Independent Ukraine

Maidan Square file photo

(Window on Eurasia – Paul Goble – Staunton, August 24, 2014) Vladimir Putin’s Crimean Anschluss which was intended among other things to highlight or promote divisions among Ukrainians about the status of their country has had exactly the opposite effect: It has boosted the share of supporters of independent statehood from 83 percent to 90

Interfax: Rebel leader in Ukraine says independence is new aim

Ukraine Map and Flag

(Interfax – Donetsk – August 24, 2015) The prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s republic [DNR], Oleksandr Zakharchenko, rules out the possibility of Ukraine’s federalization and insists on DNR’s independence. “We want to live independently. Federalization (of Ukraine) doesn’t suit us,” he told journalists at a news conference in Donetsk. In Zakharchenko’s opinion, the

Five Reasons Why This Weekend Might Be The Start Of The Endgame In Ukraine

Ukraine Map and Flag

(RFE/RL – rferl.org – Daisy Sindelar – August 21, 2014) It’s a risky business, attempting to predict the outcome of the conflict in Ukraine. But this weekend’s Kyiv visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stirred hopes that a resolution to the Ukraine-Russia standoff and the bloody fighting in Donbas may finally be near. We look at five of

RIA Novosti: Putin Would Not Be Lured Into Military Invasion of Ukraine – Expert

File Photo of Russian Tanks in Military Parade

WASHINGTON, August 21 (RIA Novosti), Leandra Bernstein – The last thing Russian President Vladimir Putin would do is getting involved by the West into a military invasion of Eastern Ukraine, a senior fellow at the Foreign Police Center on the US and Europe told RIA Novosti. “I don’t think [Putin] would invade Ukraine. I think

Interfax: Some 100,000 Ukrainians request refugee status or temporary asylum in Russia – migration service

Map of Western CIS/FSU and European Environs

MOSCOW. Aug 21 (Interfax) – Up to 100,000 Ukrainian citizens have applied for refugee status or temporary asylum in Russia since the conflict broke out in Ukraine’s southeastern regions in April, first deputy head of the Russian Federal Migration Service Yekaterina Yegorova told Interfax on Thursday. “The latest information available indicates that 99,364 people have

RIA Novosti: Watchdog Urges Kiev to Reverse Ban on Russian TV Channels

File Photo of Russian Television Studio

MOSCOW, August 21 (RIA Novosti) – A New York-based media rights watchdog has hit out at Ukrainian authorities over their ban on Russian television broadcasts in the country and has urged Kiev to immediately restore unrestricted access to information, a statement published on its website Thursday said. “We are concerned by Ukraine’s ban on Russian

RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#185 table of contents with links :: Sunday 24 August 2014

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[check back for updates, including more links; links also posted to facebook and twitter] Johnson’s Russia List JRL 2014-#185 :: Sunday 24 August 2014 E-Mail: davidjohnson@starpower.net A project of the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES) at The George  Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs: www.ieres.org JRL homepage: russialist.org JRL on Facebook: facebook.com/russialist  JRL on Twitter: twitter.com/JohnsonRussiaLi Support JRL: russialist.org/funding.php  1. Anders Aslund: RE: 2014-#184-Johnson’s Russia List/Russian lies

RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#184 table of contents with links :: Saturday 23 August 2014

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… 15. Reuters: Merkel says tightening Ukraine-Russian border is key to peace deal.
16. Reuters: Ukraine’s Poroshenko sees removal of Russian ‘mercenaries’ as key to peace.
17. Interfax: Poroshenko: Ukrainian must remain only official language in Ukraine.
18. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Dmitri Trenin, Russia’s New National Strategy ….

Opposition Must Admit Most Russians Were Deceived about What 1991 Meant, Eidman Says

Kremlin and Saint Basil's File Photo

(Window on Eurasia – Paul Goble – Staunton, August 20, 2014) “It is time to acknowledge the responsibility of the successful minority before the 90 percent of [Russian] citizens, whose hopes for a better future were deceived” following the collapse of the Soviet system, and for that minority to make changes “in the interests of

NATO to Shun Major Eastern Footprint in Nod to Russia

NATO meeting file photo

(Bloomberg – bloomberg.com – James G. Neuger, Patrick Donahue – August 18, 2014) NATO will stop short of basing substantial combat forces in eastern Europe to avoid a complete rupture in relations with Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said. A North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit next month will settle on other ways of protecting the

Ukrainian sanctions on Gazprom could threaten European economy

Russian Gas Facility file photo

(Russia Beyond the Headlines – rbth.ru – Kira Egorova, Anna Kuchma, RBTH – August 19, 2014) On August 14, the Ukrainian parliament passed a law enabling Kiev to introduce sanctions against Russian companies, meaning that if measures are introduced against Gazprom, the transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian territory will be blocked. What threats does

Russian consumers hardest hit by sanctions

File Photo of U.S. Dairy Cows

(Russia Beyond the Headlines – rbth.ru – Kira Tverskaya, special to RBTH – August 19, 2014) Economists point out that the Russian government’s recent food ban is likely to backfire as restaurants and consumers look for new sources for favorite products Moscow’s home cooks and restaurateurs alike have spent the past two weeks scrambling to

RIA Novosti: Red Cross Instructing Russian Humanitarian Convoy Drivers at Ukrainian Border Checkpoint

Ukraine Map and Flag

DONETSK (Rostov Region), August 20 (RIA Novosti) – A convoy carrying Russian humanitarian aid to southeastern Ukraine remains at the border checkpoint with the representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) giving instructions to the drivers, a representative of the contractor carrier company transporting the cargo told RIA Novosti on Wednesday. “The

Interfax: Russian Red Cross explains delay with lack of safety guarantees

Map of Western CIS/FSU and European Environs

MOSCOW. Aug 20 (Interfax) – The main reason for the delay of the Russian humanitarian cargo for residents of eastern Ukraine is a lack of safety guarantees from Ukraine, Russian Red Cross Chairperson Raisa Lukutstova said. “The Ukrainian authorities do not comply with one demand of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) –

Can Russia stage a comeback in space?

International Space Station file photo

(opendemocracy.net – Ivan Safronov – August 18, 2014) Ivan Safronov is a correspondent at Kommersant and an expert on the space industry. Fifty years ago, the USSR was in the lead in the proxy war that was the space race, but now Russia is better known for rockets that either fail to launch or crash

Million-Man Army of Programmers Won’t Free Russia From Western Software

File Image of Stylized Eye Surrounded by Binary Code

(Moscow Times – themoscowtimes.com – Delphine d’Amora – August 20, 2014) Foreign software has become the latest target of Russian officials’ clamorous calls for self-sufficiency, with plans to swiftly replace all foreign imports and triple the number of Russian programmers heralding a crusade that analysts consider misguided and hopelessly optimistic. “We stand for complete sovereignty

Business New Europe: Civilians are paying the price for the fighting in east Ukraine

Ukraine Map and Flag

(Business New Europe – bne.eu – COMMENT: Vera Graziadei – August 19, 2014) “The lawgivers and founders of mankind, starting from the most ancient and going on to the Lycurguses, the Solons, the Muhammads, the Napoleons, and so forth, that all of them to a man were criminals, from the fact alone that in giving

RIA Novosti: US Department of State Ignores All Information on Ukraine Coming From Russia – Moscow

File Photo of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama Seated with Flags Behind

MOSCOW, August 19 (RIA Novosti) – Russia is systematically providing the US Department of State, which continues accusing Russia of escalating tensions in Ukraine, with selections of publications, reports by Russian and foreign media from hot spots, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said Tuesday. “We have started gathering facts; we have started collecting publications,

Aid convoy to move in direction of Lugansk at Moscow’s decision, says Russian Foreign Ministry

Russian Foreign Ministry Building Tower file photo

(Interfax - August 22, 2014) Russia’s Ukraine-bound humanitarian aid convoy is starting to move in the direction of the city of Lugansk, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on its website. “Continuing to put forth new artificial demands and excuses has already become derisive. It is impossible to put up with this mayhem,

Ukrainian army “could take Luhansk by Independence Day”

Ukraine Map and Flag

(Business New Europe – bne.eu – Graham Stack in Stannitsa Luhanska – August 22, 2014) The city of Luhansk, a centre of the Russian-backed insurgency in East Ukraine, could fall to Ukrainian government forces in the next few days, the commander of an army battalion moving up on the strategically crucial north-eastern flank of the

RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#183 table of contents with links :: Friday 22 August 2014

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… 25. Kyiv Post: Yatsenyuk: ‘I think we will win’
26. The Economist: Ukraine and Russia: Battering on. The fighting in eastern Ukraine intensifies as pro-Russian rebels lose ground, raising fresh questions over the plans of Russia’s Vladimir Putin.
27. Kyiv Post editorial: More sanctions now.
28. The National Interest: Stephen Blank, A Time for Deterrence. …

Interfax: Poroshenko could dissolve Rada Aug. 24 – spokesperson

File photo of Barack Obama and Petro Poroshenko facing one another, with Obama gesturing

KYIV. Aug 21 (Interfax) – Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko could make a decision to disolve the Verkhovna Rada on the Independence Day, his press secretary Svyatoslav Tseholko said. “Poroshenko on the disbandment of the Verkhovna Rada: the decision will be made when constitutional reasons arise. And their time falls on Independence Day,” Tseholko wrote on

Business New Europe: Sanctions aim at Russia’s Arctic push

Polar Map Showing Permafrost Areas, Adapted From NOAA.gov Graphic

(Business New Europe – bne.eu – Joe Parson in Moscow – August 21, 2014) US and EU sanctions are threatening to derail a monster exploration and production project in the Russian Arctic between state-owned Rosneft and US oil major ExxonMobil. The threat is not that Washington will pressure US companies to pull out of Russian

Moscow’s Food War With West Could Hurt Russia Most

File Photo of U.S. Dairy Cows

(RFE/RL Explainer – rferl.org – Charles Recknagel - August 21, 2014) Moscow’s sweeping ban on food imports is meant as a slap in the face to Western powers for imposing sanctions on Moscow over Ukraine. But the ban is also causing food prices to rise in Russia, which is a major importer of food and has few immediate supply alternatives. Here

RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#182 table of contents with links :: Thursday 20 August 2014

St. Basil's file photo

… 28. Peterson Institute for International Economics: Anders Aslund, Is the West to Blame for Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine? Of Course Not!
29. The National Interest: James Carden, Ukraine’s Nightmare Drags On. In recent weeks, the American media has seemed focused on reporting on nearly every newsworthy event-except the Ukraine crisis.
30. Carnegie Corporation of New York: Rebuilding US-Russia Relations: Deana Arsenian, Introduction. United States and Russia: A Relationship to Manage …

RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#181 table of contents with links :: Wednesday 20 August 2014

St. Basil's file photo

… 13. Wall Street Journal: Fighting Rages in Eastern Ukraine Ahead of Meeting Between Russia’s Putin and Poroshenko.
14. New York Times: Plenty of Room at the Top of Ukraine’s Fading Rebellion.
15. Reuters: Ukraine rebel movement faces uncertain future. …

Ukraine’s Revolutionaries Surrender to Corruption

Ukraine Map and Flag

(Bloomberg – bloomberg.com - Leonid Bershidsky - August 18, 2014) To international audiences, Ukraine is now no more than the scene of a Russian-inspired armed conflict. The fighting, however, is confined to areas that are home to 6.5 million of Ukraine’s total population of 45 million. Although the outcome there is important to all Ukrainians, there is

Interfax: Post-war rebuilding of Donbas will cost billions of dollars – Yatsenyuk

Arseniy Yatsenyuk file photo

KYIV. Aug 20 (Interfax) – Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said the damage done to Ukraine by the war in southeastern Ukraine is in the billions of dollars. “It is very difficult to have a working economy and a healthy financial sector in a situation when there is a war going on in the country,”

Interfax: Poll: Russians say Aug 1991 events are tragedy, not triumph of democracy

File Photo of Parliament Building Billowing Smoke in 1993

(Interfax – August 19, 2014) A relative majority of Russians (41 percent) see the August 19, 1991, putsch in the former Soviet Union as a tragedy which had harmful implications for the country and its people. The number has grown 14 percent in the past 20 years, from 27 percent in 1994, the Levada Center

Struggling With Sanctions, Russia Faces Oil Price Crash

Oil Well file photo

(Moscow Times – themoscowtimes.com – Alexander Panin – August 20, 2014) The price of Urals crude oil, Russia’s key export and the lynchpin of its government finances, fell below $100 this week for the first time in more than a year, after plummeting $15 in under a month. Russia relies on hydrocarbon exports for 50

Business New Europe: Ukrainian industry ravaged by war

Ukraine Map and Flag

(Business New Europe – bne.eu - Graham Stack in Kyiv - August 20, 2014) The Russian-backed insurgency in the Donbass region of east Ukraine is forcing numerous industrial giants to suspend operations. With the region accounting for over 25% of Ukrainian exports, the effect will hit hard currency revenues and the embattled hryvna. The flashpoint marking the

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