NEWSLINK: “Russia Outlook 2018” – Intellinews/ Ben Aris

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“Russia needs a new economic model and 2018 is the year that one will be chosen – or not. First the country needs to get through a presidential election in March (that will almost certainly be won by president Vladimir Putin). After that the Kremlin will turn to making reforms, but the effects of any reforms that do happen are […]

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RUSSIALINK TRANSCRIPT: “[Putin] New Year Address to the Nation” – KremlinRu

New Year's Eve on Red Square with Fireworks, Kremlin, Saint Basil's, Crowds

( – December 31, 2017) President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, We are on the threshold of a New Year, year 2018. Although we celebrate this every year, we are always happy to usher the year in as something new, hoping that the wishes we make at the stroke of midnight do come true. New Year’s Eve is above all […]

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