How to dress like Russian on Halloween

Russian Folk Singers file photo

(Russia Beyond the Headlines – – Vsevolod Pulya, RBTH – October 29, 2013) So you are tired of dressing up like the Joker, Batman or the Flying Spaghetti Monster and want something new for your Halloween costume. My advice is as simple and straightforward as a shot of vodka: dress like a Russian. This isn’t going to be a […]

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More Russians Are Celebrating Halloween

Map of Russia

(Moscow Times – – October 31, 2012) Many Russians know about Halloween, and a growing number plan to dress up, don masks or celebrate it in other ways Wednesday, according to a new poll. Still, only about one in 10 Russians ­ or 9 percent ­ are going to mark the holiday this year, according to the independent Levada […]

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