RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2015-#49 table of contents with links :: Wednesday 11 March 2015

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Johnson’s Russia List JRL 2015-#49 :: Wednesday 11 March 2015
A project of the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES) at The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs
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1. Novaya Gazeta: Analysts dissect Ukraine’s data on Russian military fighting in Donbass – paper.
2. BBC: Mark Urban, How many Russians are fighting in Ukraine?
3. Jennifer Cohagen, BBC: Disregard the US if You Don’t Trust Them.
4. Atlantic Council: US and Allies Risk War with Russia by a ‘Hesitancy on Ukraine.’ Wilson: Only the US Can Lead in Defending Europe Against Putin’s Rising Ambition.
5. AP: Embattled Ukrainian town struggles to come back to life. (Debaltseve)
6. The UN Refugee Agency: UNHCR delivers aid amid worsening conditions in eastern Ukraine.
7. Mikhail Iampolski, Putin’s Russia Is in the Grip of Fascism.
8. Oren Dorell, Volunteer Ukrainian unit includes Nazis.
9. Reuters: Suspects in Nemtsov killing probably tortured: Russian rights activist.
10. Moscow Times: FSB-Kadyrov Power Struggle Eclipsing Nemtsov Murder Probe, Media Says.
11. Gordon Hahn, Nemtsov’s Murder: Islamist Footprint?
12. The National Interest: Putin: Russia’s Last Remaining Pragmatist? Dimitri K. Simes explains why Washington must pursue tough yet enlightened policies towards Moscow.
13. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Press Digest: Merkel influences Obama’s view on supplying weapons to Kiev.
14. Russia Direct: Alexey Fenenko, Ukraine is divided in two, with or without Russia. One year after Crimea was incorporated by Russia, signs of political, ethnic and territorial fragmentation are everywhere in Ukraine. If this continues, Ukraine could become a “frozen” state.
15. Russia Direct: Maxim Polishchuk, Why the ‘Crimean scenario’ never happened in eastern Ukraine. A year after Russia incorporated Crimea, it now appears that the Kremlin may have underestimated the power of Ukrainian self-awareness and the desire of Ukraine’s citizens to make their own choices.
16. The National Interest: Sean Mirski, Russia’s Misstep: How Putin’s Ukraine Adventure Backfired. Has Moscow overplayed its hand?
17. Business New Europe: Ukraine expects IMF to agree up to $11bn cash disbursal.
18. Russia Insider: Ivan Katchanovski, Revealed: The Harsh, Agonizing Terms of IMF Ukraine Loans. Maidan promised convergence with standards of living in the EU but IMF is bringing agony and pain.
19. Reuters: Russia may ease Ukraine’s gas terms, but Kiev must settle its bills.
20. TASS: Ukraine raises defense spending four times.
21. UT1 (Kyiv): Ukrainian president interviewed on arms withdrawal, Crimea strategy, reforms.
22. Manuel Veth, The empire that is Shakhtar Donetsk FC. Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s richest man, has financed the success of Shakhtar Donetsk FC. But war in the Donbas means that the club is now playing in Lviv, 1200 kilometres away from its home in Donetsk. Can it survive?
23. Halyna Mokrushyna, Mr. Poroshenko’s Parallel Reality.
24. Moscow Times: Botched Law Could Close Hundreds of Foreign Firms’ Rep Offices in Russia.
25. Wall Street Journal: Federal Judge Orders Browder to Comply with Subpoena in Money-Laundering Case.
26. Moscow Times: Religious Offense Charges Against Russian Opera Director Dropped.
27. Interfax: Former NATO Sec Gen opposed to supplying arms to Kiev, favors diplomatic solution. (Javier Solana)
28. New York Times: Obama Said to Resist Growing Pressure From All Sides to Arm Ukraine.
29. Defense One: One Year Later, Obama Administration Still ‘Reviewing’ Lethal Aid to Ukraine.
30. AFP: US envoy denounces ‘reign of terror’ in Crimea, east Ukraine.
31. US Department of State: TESTIMONY ON UKRAINE BEFORE THE SENATE FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE.Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs.
32. Stratfor predicts loose nukes in Russia will be ‘the greatest crisis of the next decade’
33. TASS: Reviewing obligations under START treaty not on agenda now – Russian Foreign Ministry.
34. Interfax: Wikileaks prompted Russia to suspend Joint Consultative Group on CFE participation – Russian Foreign Ministry.
35. Interfax: Russia ready for new agreement on conventional weapons in Europe.
36. TASS: Analysts praise Russia’s walkout from Treaty of Conventional Armed Forces in Europe.
37. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Negotiations with Iran ‘most useful’ in many years. Tehran and the members of the P5+1 group may have reached an agreement on several key points.
38. The National Interest: Alexei Arbatov, Reckless: Don’t ‘Go for Broke’ in Iran Nuclear Talks. A gradualist approach is the most realistic option for solving the nuclear issue.
39. Business New Europe: Kazakh president ends speculation by announcing will stand for re-election.


Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion