RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2015-#104 table of contents with links :: Johnson’s Russia List – Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2015-#104 :: Wednesday 27 May 2015
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1. The Interpreter: Stephen Blank, I, Putin. The Russian cult of personality.
2. New York Times: SERGEI GURIEV and DANIEL TREISMAN, The New Dictators Rule by Velvet Fist.
3. The Fiscal Times: Rob Garver, Putin Isn’t Reviving the USSR, He’s Creating a Fascist State.
4. The Week: Vladimir Putin’s global Orwellian campaign to undermine the West.
5. Moscow Times: Vladimir Ryzhkov, Russians Must Ditch Illusions for Bright Future.
6. The New Yorker: Masha Gessen, Putin’s Victory Day, Not My Grandmother’s.
7. Paul Goble: Putin Faces New Kind of Parade of Sovereignties in Degraded Russian Regions.
8. RFE/RL: Rights Groups Condemn ‘Dangerous’ Russian Undesirables Law.
9. Moscow Times: Weekly Wrap: Russia Deals With Undesirables.
10. RFE/RL: Russia Could Use Prison Labor For 2018 World Cup.
11. Paul Coyer, (Un)Holy Alliance: Vladimir Putin, The Russian Orthodox Church And Russian Exceptionalism.
12. Kyiv Post: Russian journalists move to Riga to set up an independent media in exile. (Meduza)
13. Meduza: The most draconian law yet. Everything you need to know about Russia’s new legislation against ‘undesirable organizations’
14. The Daily Beast: Michael Weiss, What It’s Like To Be On Putin’s Enemies List. Natalia Pelevina status as a major opposition leader has protected her-until now.
15. Bloomberg Josh Rogin, Russia Is Using Mobile Crematoriums to Hide Ukraine’s Dead.
16. AFP: Full-house in Kiev bar inspired by Russian propaganda
17. New York Review of Books: Ahmed Rashid, Russia: Twenty Feet from War. At the Tallinn conference, Baltic presidents and NATO officials were unusually blunt in describing how Russia poses the gravest threat to peace since World War II, and how the conflict in Ukraine and the loss of the Crimea has left the Baltic states on the front line of an increasingly hostile standoff. Amid these tensions, the thought of a plane crash leading to war seems scarily plausible.
18. Atlantic Council: Anders Aslund, The Disastrous EU Summit on the European Partnership.
19. Atlantic Council: Alexander Motyl, Ukraine Is Still Caught between a Hammer and an Anvil.
20. Euromaidan Press: The decolonization of Ukraine is irreversible – Viatrovych.
21. The German Marshall Fund of the United States: Nicolas Bouchet, How to Counter Russia’s Anti-Democratic Strategy.
22. Meet the Colonel in Charge of Countering Russian Propaganda in Lithuania.
23. Jamestown Foundation Eurasia Daily Monitor: Pavel Felgenhauer, Russia Prepares for Possible New Summer Military Campaign in Eastern Ukraine.
24. Albuquerque Journal: Russia expert doesn’t rule out Putin-approved Ukraine push. (Mark Von Hagen)
25. Carnegie Europe: Judy Asks: Is the U.S. Wobbly Over Ukraine? (Judy Dempsey)
26. AFP: Obama says Russia adopting ‘increasingly aggressive posture’
27. Kyiv Post: Alexei Bayer, Is Obama ready to strike a deal with Putin?
28. AFP: Ukraine under ‘continual attack’ despite truce: NATO.
29. RAND Corporation: The Ukrainian Crisis and European Security. Implications for the United States and U.S. Army.
30. Business Insider: Tomas Hirst, Putin’s dream of reuniting the Russian empire is falling apart.


Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion