RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#97 contents with links :: Monday 28 April 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List :: 2014-#97 :: 28 April 2014
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1. Financial Times: Thomas Graham, Punishing an aggressive Russia is a fool’s errand. America’s strategy should mix resistance with accommodation.
2. Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: Ukraine and U.S.-Russian Relations. With Thomas E. Graham and David C. Speedie.
3. Moscow Times: Andrei Tsygankov, Ukraine is Putin’s last stand.
4. The Guardian: Ruth Deyermond, What are Russia’s real motivations in Ukraine? We need to understand them. Those who think this a neo-imperialist land-grab are mistaken. But Russia does want to maintain its status as a great power
5. Geostrategic Forecasting Corp.: Gordon Hahn, Can the West Isolate Russia?
6. Pietro Shakarian, How Moscow Views the Ukraine Crisis.
7. The New York Times: Keith Darden, The War on Truth in Ukraine.
8. Al Arabiya News (United Arab Emirates): Maria Dubovikova, Flexing their muscles at Russia? A message to the West.
9. ITAR-TASS: US hurries to crack down on Russia before it gains strength – analyst. (Anatoly Adamishin)
10. ‘Obama and Kerry fail to show leadership qualities required to settle Ukrainian issue.’ (interview with Patrick Young)
11. Carnegie Moscow Center: Dmitri Trenin, Solving the Russia Problem.
12. Carnegie Moscow Center: Akio Kawato, Ukraine May Facilitate a Eurasian Union-Under the Auspices of China.
13. Reuters: China restates opposition to sanctions on Russia over Ukraine.
14. Interfax: Russian authorities are considering possibility of closing NATO Information Office in Moscow – newspaper.
15. Russia Direct: Russia’s Defense Ministry: NATO-Russia ties to be hard to restore. RD Exclusive: Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov comments on the growing rift between Russia and NATO, suggesting that NATO is once again architecting a policy of containment against Russia.
16. Financial Times: Kiev walks tightrope in eastern negotiations.
17. Mayor of Kharkov, Ukraine shot in back, hospitalized – press service.
18. RIA Novosti: Shooting of Kharkiv Mayor Proves Ukraine Election Untimely.
19. ITAR-TASS: Kiev afraid Ukraine’s center and west may arise along with southeast – president nominee.
20. ITAR-TASS: Ukraine should launch dialogue with Russia – presidential candidate.
21. Euromaidan PR: ‘Black Men’, the new defenders of Ukraine, announce mission to liberate Southeastern Ukraine from Russian terrorists.
22. TV channel “24” (Kyiv): Several special groups of Russian saboteurs are already in Kyiv, ready for action, Lyashko.
23. Football ultras attack anti-govt protesters in eastern Ukraine (VIDEO, PHOTOS).
24. The Faces of Pravy Sektor in Ukraine. Inside the ultranationalist group’s camp in Kiev.
25. Euromaidan PR: SBU prison cells are overcrowded with Russian GRU (military intelligence) officers.
26. Ukrainian special forces team caught near Donetsk.
27. The Independent (UK): Ukraine crisis: ‘It’s extraordinary that in 2014 there is a state which seems to want to recreate an empire’ says Ukrainian intelligence officer who can decide fate of east Ukraine. A senior Ukrainian intelligence officer tells Kim Sengupta in Kramatorsk about the battle to convince civilians in the east of the country that their future lies with Kiev – not Moscow.
28. Wall Street Journal: In Ukraine’s East, Governor Struggles to Quell Pro-Russia Uprising. Industrialist-Turned-Governor in Donetsk Says Kremlin, Yanukovych Networks Are Stirring Unrest.
29. New York Times: U.S. Weighs Harder Line on Russia Than European Allies.
30. Reuters: Obama announces new U.S. sanctions on Russia over Ukraine.
31. Obama rolls out new sanctions on Russia, Moscow says it won’t hurt.
32. Mark Adomanis, There Are Going To Be More Sanctions And They Are Going To Hurt Russia.
33. Moscow Times: Big Foreign Business Turns Blind Eye to Ukraine Sanctions.
34. Interfax: Ukraine may stop importing Russian gas by 2016 – Poroshenko.
35. ‘Russia not obliged to finance Ukraine-EU integration.’ (interview with Anna Van Densky)
36. CNN: Tom Donilon on Fareed Zakaria GPS. (excerpt re Russia)
37. Washington Post: Jackson Diehl, Ukraine’s wake-up call for NATO.
38. Bloomberg: Russian Billions Scattered Abroad Show Trail to Putin Circle.
39. Wall Street Journal editorial: The Russia Problem. Putin’s Kremlin is not a status quo power with a few historical grievances.
40. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: Is Putin at Risk of Being Overthrown by a Coup?
41. RIA Novosti: Anti-Semitism at a minimum level in Russia, says report.
42. Moscow Times: Oleg Sukhov, Creative Unions Seen to Back Kremlin Views.
43. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Who controls the Arctic? International competition for control over Arctic resources is only a matter of time, says researcher Andrey Gubin.
44. Moscow Times: What the Papers Say, April 28, 2014.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion