RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#93 contents with links :: Wednesday 23 April 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List :: 2014-#93 :: 23 April 2014
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1. Atlantic Council: Intelligence Chief: 100 Russian Officers Are Leading Ukraine’s Uprisings. Ukrainian Security Agency Seeks to Arrest Russian Army Colonel Coordinating Subversion.
2. Ukraine: Three Russian military intel officers detained.
3. The Daily Telegraph (UK): Russia ‘supported torture of Kiev politician.’ Ukraine’s acting president calls for ‘anti-terrorist operation’ against pro-Moscow separatists after body of a murdered town councillor is found.
4. The Daily Mail (UK): The face of Putin’s Ukrainian thugs: The sinister masked men behind eastern pro-Russian ‘people’s mayors’
5. Reuters: Ukraine’s leaders say have U.S. backing to take on ‘aggressors’
6. Interfax-Ukraine: Ukraine’s interim president orders resumption of antiterrorist operation in east.
7. RFE/RL: Ukraine’s President Calls For Relaunch Of ‘Antiterrorist’ Operation In East.
8. Turchynov: Military aggression against Ukraine a challenge to entire civilized world.
9. UNIAN (Ukraine): Ukraine’s Kramatorsk residents said to urge authorities to restore order in city.
10. Mark Nuckols, Make No Mistake: Russia Is Invading Ukraine.
11. Voices of Ukraine: Dmitry Tymchuk: Southeast of Ukraine – threats and perspectives, April 22.
12. Voices of Ukraine: Alexander Mnatsakanyan, Learning to kill
13. Euromaidan PR: Rustem Emiraliyev: Many Crimean Residents Waiting for a Nod to Launch the Crystal Night.
14. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: Crimean Tatars under Russian Threat Even as Putin ‘Rehabilitates’ Them.
15. Euromaidan PR: Kobzar/musician Vasyl Liutyi arrested and tortured in Luhansk.
16. Jewish Telegraphic Agency: Ukrainian separatist TV channel to combat ‘zombie Zionists’
17. Kyiv Post: Tally of persons kidnapped by Russian-backed insurgents in Ukraine’s east grows to 11.
18. Business New Europe: Pro-Russian militia controlled pockets of southeast Ukraine are descending into violence and thuggery.
19. ‘New Russia’ on the Rise in Odessa. Pro-Putin demonstrators in Ukraine’s biggest port are gaining ground, and, they say, have the backing of local police.
20. ‘We Call Him Putler’: For Ukrainians, the Enemy Is Obvious.
21. Pentagon deploying troops to thwart Russia.
22. Avi Tiomkin, Vladimir Putin Is Kaput.
23. The Daily Telegraph (UK): Andrew Wilson, If we want to save Ukraine, we need to call Vladimir Putin’s bluff. Russia’s bellicose president Vladimir Putin is not in quite as strong a position as it may appear and has unleashed forces he might not be able to control.
24. Mark Galeotti and Andrew S. Bowen, Putin’s Empire of the Mind. How Russia’s president morphed from realist to ideologue — and what he’ll do next.
25. Quartz: Steve LeVine, ‘Vladimir the Terrible.’ Putin’s career roadmap goes back to the emperors Peter and Catherine.
26. The New Republic: Tikhon Dzyadko, Putin Is Using WWII for Propaganda Because It’s the Best Memory That Russia Has.
27. AP: Lynn Berry, Analysis: Putin likely to ignore West on Ukraine. Since he took over Crimea, President Vladimir Putin has seen his popularity soar and his opposition fall silent. So when the U.S. vice president told Russia to defuse tensions in Ukraine, Putin had few reasons to listen.
28. Moscow Times: Anders Aslund, Russia Is in No Economic Shape to Fight a War.
29. Carnegie Moscow Center: Maria Lipman, The Russian State Power and the Ukrainian Human Factor.
30. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: Putin Stages a Putsch against His Earlier Self, Belkovsky Says.
31. Valery Kalnysh, Little green men. Events in Ukraine may develop with lightning speed, but the fear of war is ever present – a new kind of war.
32. Council on Foreign Relations: Janine Davidson, Putin’s Way of War and NATO’s Article Five.
33. Carnegie Moscow Center: Eugene Rumer, Is Russia Pursuing Its Own Ink Spot Strategy in Eastern Ukraine?
34. Carnegie Moscow Center: Andrew Weiss, Glimpsing the Frontline in Eastern Ukraine.
35. The New Republic: Adam Michnik, While We Praise Ukrainian Restraint, Putin Builds His Neo-Soviet Empire.
36. Moscow Times: Alexander Golts, Despite the Odds, Putin May Still Invade Ukraine.
37. Moscow Times: Yulia Latynina, Russia’s New War Technology in Ukraine.
38. Washington Post: Richard Cohen, A Putin affiliate evokes Hitler. The West should be worried.
39. Council on Foreign Relations: Is Ukraine on a Long Road to Rupture? (interview with Stephen Sestanovich)
40. Foreign Affairs: Michael O’Hanlon, NATO After Crimea. How the Alliance Can Still Deter Russia.
41. American Enterprise Institute: Leon Aron, Will Putin wage a ‘short, victorious war’ in east Ukraine?
42. Foreign Affairs: Alina Polyakova, Ukrainian Long Division. Three Ways to Split It, And Which Russia Prefers.
43. National Review Online: Conrad Black, The Future of Ukraine. We should integrate most of it with the West.
44. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: Even Lukashenka is Worried about What Putin May Do.
45. The National Interest: Ian Bond, Brian Carlson, Denis Corboy, William Courtney, John Herbst, Richard Kauzlarich, Ints Silins, William Taylor, and Kenneth Yalowitz, Ukraine Crisis: Russia’s Neighbors Are Worried.
46. The New Republic: Timothy Snyder, Ukrainian Extremists Will Only Triumph if Russia Invades.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion