RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#91 contents with links :: Monday 21 April 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List :: 2014-#91 :: 21 April 2014
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1. New York Times: Photos Link Masked Men in East Ukraine to Russia.
2. Reuters: Ukraine peace deal falters as rebels show no sign of surrender.
3. ITAR-TASS: Lavrov: Geneva agreement on Ukraine not fulfilled.
4. Kyiv Post: Pyatt still puts hopes on April 17 Geneva agreements, says there’s no military solution.
5. Lavrov: US should face responsibility for powers it installed in Kiev.
6. RIA Novosti: Russia in Difficult Spot Amid Calls to Intervene in Ukraine – Lavrov.
7. Reuters: Putin playing the long game over Russian kin in Ukraine.
8. Moscow Times: Donbass’ Roots of Violent Division: Geography, History, Culture.
9. AFP: Camouflage and candles: Easter comes to Ukraine’s rebel east.
10. Deutsche Welle: A warzone without frontlines. The trip from Donetsk to Sloviansk in eastern Ukraine is like a journey into a different country. The further one travels, the more apparent this becomes. DW’s Roman Goncharenko describes a warzone without frontlines.
11. National Public Radio (NPR): Ari Shapiro, Six Things I Saw In Eastern Ukraine.
12. RFE/RL: An Easter Tale Of Two Orthodox Babushkas In Ukraine.
13. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Russian Internet twitters with talk of Ukraine. Russian bloggers and politicians use social media to discuss the conflict in the Donbass.
14. Roman Osharov, You’re a Russian reporter – stay out of Ukraine! Ukraine’s border and security officials are applying a restrictive policy on Russians entering the country, particularly male Russians of military age, and reporters
15. Pietro Shakarian, German Federalism: An Example for Ukraine.
16. Wall Street Journal: Ilan Berman, What Putin Is Costing Russia. Former finance minister Alexi Kudrin projects up to $160 billion in capital will flee this year.
17. Financial Times: Russia’s reliance on Ukraine for military hardware raises fears.
18. Valdai Discussion Club: Alexei Mukhin, Direct Line with Vladimir Putin: Strength Is in the Truth.
19. Moscow Times: Sergei Markov, Obama Should Act Like M.L. King, Not Khrushchev.
20. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: West has Given Putin a ‘Mandate’ to Take as Much of Ukraine as He Wants, Latynina Says.
21. The Guardian: Chris Huhne, Ukraine crisis: Putin should know we mess with Europe’s borders at our peril. Russian policy towards Ukraine risks reawakening European nationalism. Some sleeping dogs should be left to lie.
22, RIA Novosti: Confronting Both Russia and China ‘Strategic Mistake’ for US – Russian Lawmaker. (Alexei Pushkov)
23. The National Interest: Ted Galen Carpenter, Washington’s Biggest Strategic Mistake. We’ve managed to pit China and Russia against us-a poor foreign policy move.
24. ‘Ukrainian crisis puts China in a very advantageous position.’ (interview with Andrew Leun)
25. Carnegie Moscow Center: Dmitri Trenin, Will Japan and Russia Escape the New Cold War?
26. The Daily Mirror (UK): Military intervention in Ukraine risks spiralling into ‘all-out war’ with Russia. Head of MI6 is understood to have told David Cameron that Vladimir Putin will not “stand idly by” if the West sends troops to support the Ukrainian government
27. Reuters: Biden offers U.S. help on energy, aid allocation for Ukraine.
28. RIA Novosti: OPINION: Global Responsibilities to Normalize Russia-US Relations Within 7 Years. (Alexei Pilko)
29. Wall Street Journal: U.S.-Russia Relations Come Full Circle After Ukraine. Despite ‘Reset,’ Ukraine Crisis Shows U.S.-Russia Tensions Far From Extinguished.
30. Mark Adomanis, Obama’s New Russia Strategy Is The Right One, The Question Is Whether It Will Work.
31. David Paul, Forget the Spin, Putin Is Holding a Losing Hand.
33. Moscow Times: Possible Light at the End of the Tunnel for Dozhd.
34. Moscow Times: John Freedman, Did Putin Declare a Mini Thaw in Culture?
35. ITAR-TASS: More Russians than before willing to keep Orthodox Great Lent – pollster.
36. Moscow Times: Most Russians Think Their Interests Not High on Putin’s Agenda, Poll Says.
37. Moscow Times: Media Reports Say John Tefft Will Be Next U.S. Ambassador to Russia.
38. Moscow Times: Physicists Complain of Interference From State-Appointed Officials.
39. Moscow Times: LDPR Leader Zhirinovsky Condemned for Tirade Against Pregnant Reporter.
40. ITAR-TASS: Cabinet will fulfil all social obligations – Medvedev.
41. RIA Novosti: Capital Flight From Russia Expected to Reach $70-80B.
42. Moscow Times: Chris Weafer, Anybody’s Guess When Politics Drive The Economy.
43. ITAR-TASS: Sending oil prices down unprofitable for Saudi Arabia, Russia believes.
44. Sharon Tennison: RUSSIA REPORT on PUTIN.
45. Sarah Lindemann-Komarova, Russian civil society is a 25-year-old work in progress. A summary of the results of the recent Salzburg Global Seminar ‘Russian Civil Society Symposium: Building Bridges to the Future’ is simple: no easy answers, more questions. But that does not mean it was a failure.
46. New York Times: At Bolshoi, the Battle for Ballet Still Rages.
47. Moscow Times: What the Papers Say, April 21, 2014.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion