RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#80 contents with links :: Thursday 10 April 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List :: 2014-#80 :: 10 April 2014
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1. How Does The NPR Distinguish “Protesters” From “Mobs”?
2. ITAR-TASS: Putin: Russia did not prepare to incorporate Crimea.
3. ITAR-TASS: Russia will not be forced to act in West’s way – deputy PM. (Igor Shuvalov)
4. ITAR-TASS: President Vladimir Putin’s letter to leaders of European countries. Full text.
5. Moscow Times: Peter Rutland, Getting Russia Wrong.
6. New York Times: Russia Plotting for Ukrainian Influence, Not Invasion, Analysts Say.
7. Interfax: Authors of concept of Ukraine’s association with EU underestimated Ukrainian problems – Chizhov.
8. The Week: Mikheil Saakashvili, There is no appeasing Russia’s mad king. War is coming.
9. Hillary Clinton Psychoanalyzes Vladimir Putin.
10. Washington Post editorial: Russia will respond only to increased sanctions over Ukraine.
11. The Heritage Foundation: Author of Russian Reset Admits Policy Is Dead.
12. Mark Adomanis, The West Can ‘Win’ Ukraine, But It’s Going To Cost A Lot Of Money.
13. Alec Luhn, Will the IMF Bailout Turn Ukraine Into Another Greece?
14. Donetsk protesters prepare for Kiev military attack, referendum.
15. Reuters: Ukraine says won’t charge separatists if buildings surrendered.
16. Washington Post: Politicians in Ukraine maneuver for a deal to end standoff.
17. RIA Novosti: Russia wants clear explanation about US security firm specialists in Ukraine.
18. National Public Radio (NPR): In Ukraine’s Rust Belt, A Mix Of Nostalgia And Nationalism.
19. George Eliason, A Changing Narrative in Ukraine.
20. Wall Street Journal: Protesters Still Hang Out Around Kiev ‘Maidan,’ Hanging On to Weapons Too.
21. ITAR-TASS: Fire breaks out in Communist Party office in Kiev.
22. RIA Novosti: Ukraine’s Ultra-Nationalist Right Sector Launches Mobile App to Organize Tactics.
23. Washington Post: Maria Popova and Vincent Post, What is lustration and is it a good idea for Ukraine to adopt it?
24. Human Rights Watch: Ukraine: New Law Violates Judicial Independence. Drop ‘Lustration’ Proposals That Would Bar Many from Public Jobs.
25. Reuters: Senior U.S. diplomat: no doubt Russians involved in Ukraine unrest.
26. RFE/RL: U.S. Assisting Ukraine With ‘Treasure Trove’ of Yanukovych Records.
27. US Department of State: Ukraine: Confronting Internal Challenges and External Threats. Testimony of Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affair.
28. NATO commander says US troops may be deployed to Europe over Ukrainian crisis.
29. RIA Novosti: NATO Double Standard Undermines Ukraine’s Stability – Russian Foreign Ministry.
30. Valdai Discussion Club: NATO Will Have To Resume Cooperation With Russia. (interview with Viktor Litovkin)
31. Pietro Shakarian, Federalism in Ukraine: How It Would Best Work.
32. RIA Novosti: OPINION: Federalization Could Save Ukraine from Splitting.
33. Moscow Times: Burger King Expands Into Crimea After McDonald’s Exit.
34. Transitions Online: Petra Stykow and Peter Rutland, Ukrainian Lessons. Four things that are wrong with the conventional wisdom about the country’s politics.
35. ITAR-TASS: Poll gauges Russian mixed feelings for neighbors in Ukraine.
36. ITAR-TASS: Russia to adequately respond to Western sanctions if necessary – deputy PM. (Igor Shuvalov)
37. RIA Novosti: World Bank Says Temporarily Weak Ruble Will Boost Russian Economy.
38. RIA Novosti: Capital Outflow from Russia Due to Ruble Rate, Not Crimea.
39. Moscow Times: Rosie Hawes, West’s Sanctions Turn Investors Into Investigators.
40. Interfax: Senseless to convene four-sided meeting to demand Russian concessions in form of cheap gas for Ukraine – Lavrov.
41. Putin tells Europe Ukraine gas debt ‘critical’, transit threatened.
42. Bloomberg: Ukraine Rejects Gas Price as Putin Waits on Prepayment.
43. RIA Novosti: Russia not to switch energy supplies from west to east over Ukraine – official.
44. Russia Beyond the Headlines/Expert magazine: Alternative South Stream route could run through Crimea.
45. Stephen Shenfield: Response to Roy (JRL #79).
46. John Wight, European nationalism enjoying good times.
47. Russia Beyond the Headlines: What will be the cost of global warming to Russia? The series of unusual climatic events that has affected Russia over the past few years has continued into the beginning of 2014. With dramatic global changes predicted as a result of rising temperatures, what awaits the country’s geography and economy?
48. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, Russia’s opposition feels bite of a chill wind from Ukraine.
49. Moscow Times: Human Rights Group to Close Over ‘Foreign Agent’ Label.
50. Interfax: Russian journalism in serious crisis – expert.
51. Politics aside, western financiers still want to do business with Russia.
52. Moscow Times: What the Papers Say, Apr. 10, 2014.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion