RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#224 table of contents with links :: Wednesday 29 October 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List
JRL 2014-#224 :: Wednesday 29 October 2014

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1. Ivan Katchanovski: The Snipers Massacre on the Maidan in Ukraine.
2. Ivan Katchanovski: My Interview with Onet (Poland) Concerning The Snipers Massacre on the Maidan in Ukraine.
3. Carnegie Moscow Center: Yuval Weber, Will Lustration Help or Hinder Ukrainian Reform?
4. Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club. (transcript concluded)
5. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Time to establish a new world order, says Putin. Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the international community to establish a new world order with the aim of preventing future conflicts. Speaking at an international discussion forum in Sochi, Putin affirmed the immutability of Russia’s position and called on the West to enter into a dialogue to solve today’s problems.
6. Russia Insider: Alexander Mercouris, Putin Just Made the Most Important Speech of His Career. The West Should Listen More Closely. What he really wants are stability, rules, and a global balance of power – traditional conservative ideas. He thinks the rest of the world needs to rein-in out-of-control US global activism.
7. The National Interest: Nikolas Gvosdev, Putin’s Great Gamble. The Sochi remarks confirm it: there can be no reset of the reset.
8. RIA Novosti: Kiev Withdraws From Delineation Agreement With East Ukraine: DPR.
9. Interfax: Future Ukrainian govt must adopt plan of country restoration for 2015-2017 by Dec 15 – draft coalition agreement.
10. Business New Europe: Ben Aris, Ukraine to introduce sweeping tax reforms.
11. Bloomberg: Safe-Deposit Box Craze Lays Bare Ukraine Woes After Vote.
12. Reuters: Ukraine’s Yatseniuk sees himself staying on as prime minister.
13. Natalia Antonova, Post-election, Ukrainians and Russians face an uncertain future. Ukraine’s snap parliamentary elections have once again proved that the mainstream of society rejects the far right – not that the Russian government or media will care.
14. ‘Moscow-Kiev dialogue won’t be easier after Ukrainian vote.’ (interview with Dmitry Babich)
16. Aleksandra Eriksson and Anton Semyzhenko, No Revolution for Ukraine’s Women.
17. Wall Street Journal: In Divided Ukraine, a Border Takes Shape. Talks on Demarcation Zone Between Government, Rebel Troops Highlight Kiev’s Loss of Control in East.
18. Business New Europe: Russia calls on EU to show money for Ukraine gas.
19. Reuters: Ukraine, Russia try again to forge gas deal at Brussels talks.
20. Bryan MacDonald, ‘Show me the money.’ Time for Brussels to put up or shut up on Ukraine.
21. RIA Novosti: EU-Russia Sanctions: No One Wants to Show They are Giving in First.
22. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Press Digest: EU unlikely to lift sanctions against Russia in near future.
23. The International New York Times: David Buchan, Europe Strives to Overcome Its Reliance on Russian Gas.
24. Euromaidan Press: Nobody in Moscow is hoping to return Kyiv under their wing – Russian political expert. (Stanislav Belkovsky)
25. Washington on Ukraine: ‘one big opportunity for serious reforms.’ (interview with Steven Pifer)
26. Moscow Times: Ian Hansen, The West Must Play the Long Game in Ukraine.
27. Rossiyskaya Gazeta : Ukrainian analysts look at coalition prospects, Moscow’s “room for manoeuvre”


28. Russia ready to deliver US supplies to ISS after Antares rocket explodes. (DJ: I was there on a boat a few miles away.)
29. TASS: Yevgeny Primakov: the aim of anti-Russian economic sanctions is to weaken Russia. The former head of government is convinced that the US’ goal is a color revolution in Russia.
30. Reuters: Sanctions bind Russia’s energy elite to Putin.
31. Moscow Times: How Slumping Oil Prices Hit Russia’s Sanctions-Struck Oil Industry.
32. RIA Novosti: Who and What Is Causing the Decline in Oil Prices, and Where Will It Lead?
33. Moscow Times: William Beaver, U.S. Sanctions Don’t Work on the New Russia.
34. Vasil Jaiani, Russians are not bothered by Western sanctions. Sanctions have had a limited effect on the Russian population whose support towards the government’s Ukrainian policy does not seem to be eroding.
35. TASS: Russian convicts help counter effects of foreign sanctions.
36. Wall Street Journal: Russia Advances in World Bank Study Despite Poor Business Sentiment.
37. Bloomberg: Blowing $24 Billion on Ruble Spurs Free-Float Bet.
38. Independent Russian pollster reports drop in Putin’s popularity.
39. Eli Lake, The Bolshevik Who Thinks ‘The Nation’ Is Too Left Wing. Ilya Ponomarev voted against the Ukrainian territory’s annexation, slams The Nation, and considers himself a Bolshevik. Who is this guy?
40. Mark Adomanis, How to Criticize Vladimir Putin.
41. Moscow Times: Navalny Wins Court Case Against Federal Media Watchdog.
42. RFE/RL: Russian Media Behemoth Set To Launch Wave Of Foreign Bureaus.
43. TASS: Most Russians consider US major enemy of Russia – pollster.
44. Moscow Times: Russia Denies Report Alleging Harassment of U.S. Embassy Staff.
45. Russian army beefs up Arctic presence over Western threat.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion