RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#187 table of contents with links :: Tuesday 26 August 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List
JRL 2014-#187 :: Tuesday 26 August 2014

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1. ‘They were praying’: Kiev forces’ shelling kills 3 worshipers as churches burn.
2. Russia Beyond the Headlines: The Grad system: A hot hail of cluster-fired rockets. Currently in the headlines for its use by both sides in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the Grad BM-21 multiple launch rocket system has a history that goes back all the way to the early 1960s, when it succeeded the legendary Katyusha rocket battery. The Grad first proved its worth in a border conflict with China back in 1969.
3. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Sergei Lavrov: The truth must be revealed. In an exclusive interview with RBTH on the Ukraine crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the highest priority must be an unconditional ceasefire to end the suffering of civilians. He also warns that trying to settle disputes by imposing unilateral sanctions threatens international peace and stability.
4. Ukrainian president: Kiev ready to discuss all possible peace proposals.
5. ITAR-TASS: Putin: Ukraine crisis can’t be solved by military force.
6. Reuters: Slim chance of progress as Russian and Ukrainian leaders meet.
7. Moscow Times: Ukraine Compromise on the Table in Minsk.
8. Carnegie Moscow Center: Balazs Jarabik, Minsk Freeze: Can Ukraine Handle a Compromise?
9. Business New Europe: Ben Aris, Meeting in Minsk.
10. ITAR-TASS: Minsk talks on situation in Ukraine should lead to compromise – experts.
11. Interfax: Federation Council expects no breakthroughs from Minsk meeting, humanitarian issues to be emphasized.
12. The Atlantic: THE BOISTO GROUP, A 24-Step Plan to Resolve the Ukraine Crisis. A group of Americans and Russians, meeting in Finland, develop an agenda for peace.
13. The Guardian: David Owen, Putin is key to avoiding a new cold war. The presidential summit in Minsk offers hope of a deal over Ukraine. But the Russian leader will not accept humiliation.
14. Kyiv Post: Poroshenko calls an early election on Oct. 26.
15. Business New Europe: Graham Stack, Ukraine reloaded: Poroshenko calls snap parliamentary elections for October.
16. ITAR-TASS: Early parliamentary elections unlikely to end Ukraine’s crisis – expert.
17. Mark Adomanis, The European Union Isn’t Going To Bail Out Ukraine.
18. Interfax: Russia could lose over 100 bln rubles from EU-Ukraine association – Putin.
19. Interfax: Ukrainian situation deteriorating, Russians say in poll.
20. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, Russia promises new aid convoy to Ukraine as fighting in east surges.
21. Moscow Times: Russia Claims Captured Soldiers Crossed Ukraine Border by Accident.
22. Interfax: RPD claims up to 7,000 Ukrainian soldiers trapped in east Ukraine “pockets”
23. New York Times: Ukraine Says It Captured Russian Troops, Clouding Talks.
24. Ukrayinska Pravda (Kyiv): Ukrainian spokesman: Reports of Russian troops crossing border “disinformation”
25. Moscow Times: Alexander Golts, Separatists’ POW Parade Bodes Ill for Minsk Talks.
26. Robert Parry, Selective Outrage over Ukraine POWs.
27. The International New York Times: Europe’s Farmers Feel the Weight of Russian Ban.
28. The National Interest: Mark Kramer, Russia’s Great-Power Ukraine Strategy. “Russia’s coercive military pressure on Ukraine in the aftermath of the Maidan revolution is typical of the way great powers, including the United States, have behaved in the past.”
29. RIA Novosti: NATO, EU Should Give Up Plans of Incorporating Ukraine – Dr. John Mearsheimer.
30. Ukrayinska Pravda (Kyiv): Ukrainian hostage negotiator views “civil war” in troubled east.
31. Ludmila Foster: Pictures of the Odessa massacre.
32. Anders Aslund: Response.


33. The Atlantic May 2001: Jeffrey Tayler, Russia Is Finished. The unstoppable descent of a once great power into social catastrophe and strategic irrelevance.
34. RIA Novosti: Russian Finance Ministry Expects Oil Prices of $90-95 per Barrel in 2015.
35. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Economy faces challenge from fall in oil price and ruble value. Low price-per-barrel for Urals crude oil is putting pressure on the Russian budget.
36. Moscow Times: Most Russian Students Want to Find Jobs Abroad.
37. Paul Goble: Window on Eurasia: No Basis for Moscow’s Claims that Russian Corruption has Declined, Experts Say.
38. ITAR-TASS: Russian Pacific Fleet stations naval base on Wrangel Island.
9. University of California Berkeley: Authority on Soviet economy, Gregory Grossman, passes away.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion