RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#183 table of contents with links :: Friday 22 August 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List
JRL 2014-#183 :: Friday 22 August 2014

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1. Graham Phillips interview in Lugansk: Video: “They call you Russian terrorists” – Oleg from Novorossiya militia.
2. Video: 83 Fighters of the 30th Mechanised Brigade return to Nowgorod-Wolynski to confront their military leaders with the question why they were sent “into certain death”
3. Vineyard of the Saker: Video: Ukraine Crisis: Donbass. Chronicle of Genocide.
4. Pietro A. Shakarian, Ukraine: Where Nation-Building and Empire Meet.
5. AP: Ukraine claims victories over rebel forces in shelling campaign, but overall progress minimal.
6. RIA Novosti; Russian Journalists Come Under Mortar Fire in East Ukraine – Luhansk Authorities.
7. NPR: As Ukraine Presses Military Offensive, The Facts Are Fuzzy.
8. Business New Europe: Graham Stack, Ukrainian army “could take Luhansk by Independence Day”
9. Reuters: For embattled Ukraine rebels, no time to honour the dead.
10. First trucks with Russian aid reach Lugansk, E. Ukraine.
11. Solace for the struggling: E. Ukrainians without water, food crave Russian aid.
12. The European Union Times: Over 400,000 flee homes in east Ukraine.
13. RIA Novosti: Kiev Plans to ‘Cleanse’ Besieged Cities Ahead of Independence Day – Foreign Ministry.
14. Interfax: Aid convoy to move in direction of Lugansk at Moscow’s decision, says Russian Foreign Ministry.
15. Moon of Alabama: Ukraine Accuses Putin Of “Smuggling Humanitarian Aid”
16. Interfax-Ukraine: Nalyvaichenko says Russian humanitarian cargo destined for militants, trucks to be used as tractors and transporters.
17. Rossiya 1 TV (Moscow): For Kiev, aid convoy is obstacle to “total annihilation” tactic.
18. Interfax: Russian Defence Ministry ridicules claims of Ukraine vehicle capture.
19. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Humanitarian convoy is now a vital piece in the political game. The successful delivery of Russian humanitarian aid to the Donbass would save civilians’ lives but is not in Kiev’s political interests. Gevorg Mirzayan argues that the fate of the convoy now halted on the Russo-Ukrainian border could be pivotal in resolving the conflict.
20. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Press Digest: Will Ukraine use IMF money to finance military operations?
21. RFE/RL: Five Reasons Why This Weekend Might Be The Start Of The Endgame In Ukraine.
22. ITAR-TASS: US seeking to entangle Asian countries into sanctions against Russia.
23. Wall Street Journal: Russia Ramps Up Information War in Europe.
24. Vecernje Novosti (Belgrade): Account of Pro-Russian Combatant – Sniper.
25. Kyiv Post: Yatsenyuk: ‘I think we will win’
26. The Economist: Ukraine and Russia: Battering on. The fighting in eastern Ukraine intensifies as pro-Russian rebels lose ground, raising fresh questions over the plans of Russia’s Vladimir Putin.
27. Kyiv Post editorial: More sanctions now.
28. The National Interest: Stephen Blank, A Time for Deterrence.


29. ITAR-TASS: Most Russians like and respect Russia’s official state symbols.
30. ITAR-TASS: Russians tend to see the national flag as part of their lives.
31. Moscow Times: Public Spats Over Ukraine Reflect Lack of Unity in Russian Opposition.
32. ITAR-TASS: Opposition to hold Peace March in Moscow on September 21.
33. Star Wars: Ukraine, Russia flags top Moscow’s iconic Stalin skyscrapers.
34. RIA Novosti: Tensions With EU Mark Russia’s Two Years in WTO.
35. Moscow Times: Inflation Races as Russia’s Food Bans Push Up Prices.
36. Business New Europe: Ben Aris, The Russian consumer is not happy.
37. Moscow Times: Tanya Lokot, Blogger Law Traps Russia’s Activists in Limbo.
38. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, Kremlin swings at a US icon – but hits a Russian business. Shutting down three McDonald’s restaurants might seem a symbolic blow to the US. But McDonald’s Russia is a successful Russian-owned and -operated company.
39. Sergei Sorokin, Pacifism and patriotism in Russia. Pacifism is incompatible with patriotism in today’s Russia.
40. Interfax-Ukraine: US Ambassador John Tefft is expected in Moscow in early September.
41. The National Interest: Jiri Valenta and Leni Valenta, Can Russia and America Work Together to Crush the Islamic State? While Moscow and Washington face off over Ukraine, a much bigger and longer-term challenge presents a possible opportunity for collaboration.
42. John Wight, Latest book trend talks about Russia’s ‘threat to the world’
43. The Economist: The Eurasian Union. The other EU. Why Russia backs the Eurasian Union.
44. Moscow Times: Russians Grow Increasingly Blase Toward Recognition of Georgian Breakaway Regions.
45. Wall Street Journal: West Reluctant to Let Georgia Into the Club. European officials still hold back as Russia seeks to create more division.
46. Russia Direct: James Carden, The history of the Cold War as it has never been told. The Triumph of Improvisation analyzes the end of the Cold War and the demise of the Soviet Union by revisiting the strategic legacy of the Reagan-Gorbachev era.
47. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Dostoevsky’s cacophonic catastrophes: A new translation of ‘Crime and Punishment.’ Scholar and translator Oliver Ready talked to RBTH about the methods he used to tackle such a challenging book and explained why “Crime and Punishment” is as powerful now as ever.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion