RUSSIA & UKRAINE: JRL 2014-#179 table of contents with links :: Monday 18 August 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List
JRL 2014-#179 :: Monday 18 August 2014

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1. The Australian: Chris Griffith, Ukrainians starve and die for Putin’s political ambitions.
2. Wall Street Journal editorial: Some Realism on Russia. The U.S. has done far too little to deter an invasion of Ukraine.
3. The Sunday Times (UK): Sick babies left behind in city caught in crossfire.
4. The Times (UK): A mother’s flight to safety: ‘I didn’t walk, I crawled. It was a nightmare’
5. RIA Novosti: Water Supply in Donetsk Cut For Indefinite Period.
6. Human Rights Watch: Dispatches: Fleeing Luhansk.
7. Ghost Town Lugansk: “Only with a tank can you get through”
8. AFP: Women bearing aid desperate to enter Ukraine as thousands flee.
9. ITAR-TASS: Thirty miners trapped underground in Donetsk mine after power cutoff.
10. Rossiya 1 TV (Moscow): Ukrainian forces use “ballistic missiles” against rebel-held city.
11. Interfax: Reports of refugees’ convoy shelling ‘Kyiv propaganda’ – militia.
12. Moscow Times: Scarred by Ukraine Crossfire, Slovyansk Faces Long Road to Recovery.
13. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Families flee ‘hell’ for a new life as refugees in Russia.
14. The Sunday Times (UK): Separatists’ defiance wilts into blubbering.
15. West has more influence than Kiev on oligarchs’ armies in Ukraine – Lavrov.
16. Carnegie Moscow Center: Dmitri Trenin, The Russian Convoy.
17. Meeting with members of political parties represented in the State Dumа. (in Crimea)
18. Russia Direct: Ivan Tsvetkov, Making sense of Vladimir Putin’s mysterious Yalta speech. The veil of secrecy around Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Yalta speech has many wondering about a potential change in course in Russia’s Ukraine policy.
19. Novaya Gazeta: Olga Prosvirova and Mariya Yepifanova, Expiatory speech. Putin’s speech was disappointing in its repetitions. But such are ‘topical issues of life in country’
20. Russia’s humanitarian aid to cross into Ukraine in batches.
21. New York Times: Convoy of Russian Trucks, Like Talks in Berlin, Remains Stalled Near Ukraine.
22. Interfax: Kyiv supports ceasefire in Donbas only if some conditions met – Ukrainian foreign minister.
23. Voice of America: US: No Confirmation on Reports Russian Military Entered Ukraine.
24. Facebook: Patrick Armstrong has some questions for Shaun Walker of the Guardian and Roland Oliphant of the Telegraph.
25. Interfax-Ukraine: Poll: Discontent with life expands among Kyivans, economy crisis among reasons.
26. Austere Insomniac: Ukraine Is The Worst Performing Economy In The World.
27. Quartz: Ukraine’s currency is collapsing, and there isn’t much it can do to stop it.
28. RIA Novosti: Right Sector Not Going to Attack Kiev, Some of Requirements Fulfilled – Leader.
29. RIA Novosti: Kiev Not in Control of Right Sector Radicals – Lavrov.
30. ITAR-TASS: ‘Revolutionary’ radicals engage in banditry in Ukraine Odessa – MP.
31. Moscow Times: Matthew Kupfer, Ukraine’s Struggle Endangers Its Democracy.
32. Moscow Times: Putin’s Food Ban Splits EU on Wisdom of Russia Sanctions.
33. ITAR-TASS: Reciprocal steps may ease tension in West-Russia trade war – experts.
34. Russia Direct: Tatyana Isachenko, Amidst sanction war with the West, can Russia leave WTO? If Russia leaves the WTO, there will be no winners, only losers. Yet, some Russian lawmakers propose to leave the WTO and find other ways of going it alone without its Western partners. This is not a good sign.
35. New Straits Times (Malaysia): Shameful neglect of evidence. (re Malaysia Airlines flight MH17)
36. Business New Europe: Mark Galeotti, Russia not invading, nor yet backing down.
37. Mark Adomanis, Barack Obama Talks Down Russia, Again.
38. ITAR-TASS: Europe opposes continued war in Ukraine.
39. John Wight, A recovery the West has never forgiven Russia.
40. Russian International Affairs Council: Alexander Clackson, Can a Peaceful Outcome Be Salvaged in Ukraine?
41. David Katz, The Hushed-Up Hitler Factor in Ukraine.
42. History News Network: Robert Thurston, Ukraine’s Toxic History of Fascism and Ethnic Cleansing.
43. Joshua Tartakovsky, Mass Killing in East Ukraine and the Failure of Liberal Intellectuals.
44. Keith Smith: Fallacies in Support of Russia’s Ukraine Policies. (re Stephen Cohen)
45. Jeffrey Stacey and John Herbst, How to Beat Down a Bully. There’s only one way to stop Putin’s ugly new doctrine of irregular intervention — hit back even harder.
46. History News Network: Cynthia Hooper, Winter is Coming: As the World Crumbles, We Must Re-engage with Russia.

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion