RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents & links :: JRL 2020-#139 :: Tuesday, 4 August 2020

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2020-#139 :: Tuesday, 4 August 2020
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1. Survival: Thomas Graham and Dmitri Trenin, Towards a New Model for US- Russian Relations [also referenced and summarized by Russia Matters within:]
2. TASS: Russia records lowest number of coronavirus cases since April 23.
3. TASS: No worries about opening schools in traditional format – Russian minister of education.
4. Paul Goble: Clinical Trials Over, New Russian Vaccine to Be Given to Doctors and Teachers Soon, Population by October, for Free, Murashko Says.
5. New York Times: Russia Sets Mass Vaccination for October After Shortened Trial. The announcement raised concerns that Russia would begin inoculations and declare victory in the race for a coronavirus vaccine without fully testing its product.
6. Postsocialism: Jeremy Morris, Covid field tales – Part Four: ‘Care’ and Disposal, Billboard Afterlifes –
7. Intellinews: Moscow’s Watcom shopping index almost back to normal as shoppers return to Moscow’s malls.
8. TASS: Every tenth Russian encountered workplace sexual harassment, poll shows.
9. Vedomosti: Mikhail Romanov: Elite, young people drift further apart.
10. Riddle: Valery Zorkin’s rejection of the rule of law. Olesya Zakharova unpacks the philosophy of Russia’s latest constitutional reforms –
11. Paul Goble: Degtyarov First of New Generation of Regional Leaders in Putin System, Ivanov Says.
12. Russia’s wealthiest lose billions due to coronavirus … but they’re still obscenely rich.
13. Moscow Times: Which Countries Are Open to Russians – and Vice Versa?
14. Intellinews: Lukashenko cancels state of the nation speech as health fails
15. Meduza: What just happened and what’s next in Belarus? A rundown of the contentious presidential race, Lukashenko’s surprising struggles, and the likely post-election scenario.
16. Indian Punchline: M.K. Bhadrakumar, Belarus: Scramble for heart of Europe
17. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, The Belarus Horseshoe –
18. Awful Avalanche: How the USSR Tried To Create Alternative to Molotov-Ribbentrop – Part I –
19. Awful Avalanche: How the USSR Tried To Create Alternative to Molotov-Ribbentrop – Part II –
20. Awful Avalanche: How the USSR Tried To Create Alternative to Molotov-Ribbentrop – Part III –
21. Facebook: Fred Weir, The Internet Research Agency.
22. Facebook: Fred Weir, Christopher Steele.
23. Consortium News> VIPS MEMO: To Nancy Pelosi – Did Russia Hack the DNC Emails? The lack of detail demanded by Pelosi may simply mean the absence of credible evidence of Russian interference as well as the absence of Clapperesque officials to conjure it up –
24. CNN: 37 times Trump was soft on Russia

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