RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2018-8 :: Thursday, 11 January 2018

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#8
Thursday, 11 January 2018
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1. Moscow Times: U.S. Urges Travelers To Reconsider Visiting Russia.
2. The National Interest: Paul J. Saunders and Kristin M. Lord, As U.S.-Russia Tensions Rise, Rekindle People-to-People Relations. At the height of the Cold War, U.S. and Soviet leaders embraced people-to-people contacts to facilitate the exchange of people and ideas-we need to do the same once again.
3. TASS: Putin’s 2017 trust rating hits record-high in December – poll.
4. Upward trend in Russian economy continues – Putin.
5. Washington Post: Putin paints rosy picture of economy heading into 2018 election.
6. Visit to Tver Carriage Works.
7. Moscow Times: Halo Left in the Sky After Putin’s Visit, Baffling Locals.
8. The Stage is Set For 2018: Yabloko and LDPR Register Their Candidates for Presidential Elections.
9. TASS: Co-chairs of Putin’s election team named.
10. Interfax: Putin asks his campaign HQ’s co-chairs to act strictly under law.
11. TASS: Communist presidential contender unveils 20-step program to spur growth in Russia.
12. Meduza: Why young people were Russia’s people of the year in 2017.
13. Paul Goble: By Dividing Society, Putin has Unintentionally Opened Up Russia’s Politics, Pavlovsky Says.
14. Gilbert Doctorow, Patriarch Kirill’s interview with Dmitri Kiselyov, 7 Jan 2018: Further thoughts.
15. Moscow Times: Four out of Five Russians Find Gay Sex ‘Reprehensible’ – Poll.
16. Takie Dela: Every Tree in the Forest Would Understand You. (excerpt). “In Russia, there are six people left who can tell tales, sing songs, and simply converse in one of the world’s most ancient languages.”
17. Russia Beyond: A killer year for crypto in Russia: what’s next in 2018?
18. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Why Russians Are Choosing Malta Over Putin. A controversial passport-selling scheme is proving irresistible to business elites.
19. The Nation: Stephen Cohen, The US ‘Betrayed’ Russia but It Is Not ‘News That’s Fit to Print.’ New evidence that Washington broke its promise not to expand NATO “one inch eastward”-a fateful decision with ongoing ramifications-has not been reported by ‘The New York Times’ or other agenda-setting media outlets.
20. Fort Russ: Trump tests the waters – asks for cooperation with Russia.
21. Russian International Affairs Council: Igor Ivanov, Is America First?
22. Kennan Institute: Andreas Umland, Getting Russia’s Future Right: Lessons from Recent History. (excerpt)
23. TASS: Kommersant: Trump pushes Pakistan into the arms of Beijing and Moscow.
24. TASS: General Staff reveals details of drones that attacked Russian bases in Syria.
25. Imports of goods to Ukraine from Russia are growing faster than goods imported from the EU.
26. Oliver Stone’s film ‘Ukraine on Fire’ FINALLY available in original English (WATCH)
27. After the End of the World: Re-reading the Russian Revolution. Owen Hatherley surveys the Russian Revolution centennial literature. (excerpt)
28. TASS: Duma deputy proposes to change US embassy’s address to 1 North American Dead End.
29. New York Times editorial: Who Will Listen to Democrats’ Warning on Russia?
30. Senate Democrats accuse Russia of ‘assault on democracy’ in conspiracy-laden report.
31. Sputnik: US Senate Russia Report Lies About Sputnik and Its ‘Disinformation’
32. Facebook Censors Charles C. Johnson For Writing “Hating Russians Is The Last Socially Acceptable Prejudice”
33. Tom Malinowski, I Blew the Whistle on Russian Meddling. Now I’m Running for Congress.
34. PBS Newshour: ’42 states haven’t upgraded their election equipment in over a decade and Russia knows it’
35. Berlin Policy Journal: Mark Galeotti, Cyber Hysteria. Governments and media credit Russia with fearsome hacking capabilities–which happens to suit Moscow very well. The West should take concrete counter-measures.
36. Is Glenn Simpson Right About Bill Browder Being A Fraud? (excerpt)
37. Wall Street Journal editorial: The Fusion Transparency Rap. Per Sen. Feinstein, let’s get the full FBI-Trump-Russia record out.
38. Donald Trump Likely Being Blackmailed By Russia Over Compromising Hotel Video, Bombshell Testimony Reveals.
39. Alexander Mercouris, Feinstein’s leak of Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson’s Senate testimony backfires. Attempt to give Trump Dossier credibility fails, instead highlighting its role in triggering Russiagate investigation.

Feinstein’s leak of Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson’s Senate testimony backfires

40. Alexander Mercouris, Someone murdered because of the Trump Dossier? Where’s the evidence? Fusion GPS lawyer Joshua Levy’s claim that someone has been murdered because of the Trump Dossier is completely unsubstantiated and almost certainly untrue.
41. Alexander Mercouris, Russiagate continues to crumble: Mueller accepts no collusion in Veselnitskaya-Trump Junior meeting. Sources within Mueller investigation confirm Veselnitskaya/Trump Junior meeting no longer seen as evidence of Trump/Russia collusion.

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