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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#59
Monday, 2 April 2018
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[DJ: I draw attention to item #1 below from today’s New York Times. Object lesson in “according to officials” journalism? Then read #2.]

1. New York Times: Poisoned Door Handle Hints at High-Level Plot to Kill Spy, U.K. Officials Say.
2. Alexander Mercouris, Skripal case becomes even weirder.British say deadly Novichok chemical 8 times more powerful than any other smeared on front door; Yulia Skripal conscious and talking; freeze Russians out of court proceedings [Text with links]
3. Yulia Skripal’s social media page accessed while she was reportedly in critical condition. [Text with graphics]
4. TASS: Kremlin aide: Summit talks in Washington with Putin was Trump’s suggestion.
5. Washington Post: Lynn Ellen Patyk, The real reason Russia blames Britain for the Skripal poisonings. Russia and the art of “provocation.”
6. Facebook: Ian Bremmer, “The Kremlin doesn’t fear retribution and is sending a clear message to Russian agents: If you cross us, we are coming after you and your family.”
7. Nina Khrushcheva: Russian Professor Warns of Putin Hit list.
8. Interfax: UK takes West’s anti-Russian campaign to new level with Skripal case – Zakharova.
9. Russian International Affairs Council: Andrey Kortunov, Four Simple Questions About Expulsions of Russian Diplomats.
10. All 60 Russians kicked out of US are ‘undeclared spies’ pretending to be diplomats, US official says.
11. Russian ambassador says ‘atmosphere in Washington is poison’
12. TASS: Izvestia: Moscow ready for US court battle over Russian diplomatic property.
13. Belarus expels Moscow diplomats? ‘Leading Russia expert’ falls for cheeky April Fool’s joke. (Anders Aslund)
14. All change? Russians divided over expectations following presidential vote.
15. ‘Shut it down!’ Thousands demand closure of poisonous landfill in Moscow Region. (VIDEO) [Text with video]
16. Bear Market Brief: Arrest of Summa Group’s Magomedov heralds power struggle.
18. Russia Matters: Paul Saunders, In Dealing With Russia Washington Should Embrace Reason, Not Passion.
19. Economic Principals: David Warsh, Cloak and…Megaphone.
20. The National Interest: Nikolas Gvosdev, America Must Drop Its Delusions about Dealing with Russia. It’s time to part with illusions. Otherwise, the United States cannot develop and execute a sustainable policy towards Russia.
21. New York Times: William Burns, Putin Has Overplayed His Hand.
22. The Conversation: Regina Smyth, Is the growing Russia crisis another Cold War conflict? Nyet.
23. Global Times: Cui Heng, West’s unwise diplomatic war on Russia.
24. BBC: Did American tourism to Russia increase in 2017?
25. TASS: Dedicated to doing good: Russia boasts over 10 million volunteers, poll indicates.
26. Russia Beyond: How common is it for women to be senior managers in Russia?
27. Interfax: Russian sports minister suggests putting WADA in charge of national anti-doping organizations.
28. Asia Times: Russia raises its head in Indonesia. Moscow aims to deepen strategic ties with Jakarta through arms sales, joint exercises and vocal diplomacy.
29. Cold War had some rules, now UK & US have dropped all proprieties – Russian FM.
30. New York Times editorial: A Colder War With Russia?
31. Patrick Henningsen, Russia ‘Novichok’ Hysteria Proves Politicians and Media Haven’t Learned the Lessons of Iraq . The current state of anti-Russia hysteria is reminiscent of earlier dark chapters of American history, including the rush to war in Iraq of the early 2000s and McCarthyism of the 1950s. [Text with links]
32. Stanford University: Michael McFaul Course Syllabus: Russia and the West.

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