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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#58
Friday, 30 March 2018
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1. The Daily Mail (UK): Russian spy’s daughter ‘is eating and drinking’ after miracle recovery from Novichok poisoning… a day after her family said she had ‘1% chance’
2. Moon of Alabama: Last Act Of ‘Novichok’ Drama Revealed – “The Skripals’ Resurrection”
3. ‘We don’t even know where he is’: Sergei Skripal’s Russian family speak out.
4. Russia International Affairs Council: Anton Utkin, Novichok: What Do We Know?
6. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s reply to a media question about Russia’s retaliation against the expulsion of Russian diplomats, Moscow, March 29, 2018.
7. Skripal response: Moscow orders UK to cut diplomats to same number as Russian mission in Britain.
8. Russia to close US consulate in St. Petersburg, expel 60 diplomats as Washington did – Lavrov.
9. TASS: Russia expels foreign diplomats in tit-for-tat measure.
10. Russian International Affairs Council: Andrey Kortunov, Return of the Dungeons of the Seven Towers. (re expulsion of diplomats)
11. Le Monde diplomatique: Serge Halimi, Licence to kill.
12. RTE (Ireland): Geoffrey Roberts, A dangerous game of diplomatic musical chairs.
13. Collusion craze: Mueller memo says Trump aide contacted ‘assessed’ Russian spy.
14. The Independent (UK) (February 21 2018): Labour to sweep London in local elections with best result for any party since 1968, new poll suggests.
15. Financial Times (March 30, 2018): Diplomatic success over Russia puts spring in Theresa May’s step.
16. The Economist: Vladimir Putin, defiant pariah. Western governments expel Russian diplomats. Appalled by a chemical attack on Britain, America joins its allies in protest.
17. Ben Aris, The cost of reform II – boosting Russian incomes in a time of austerity.
18. Russia Beyond: What do Russians think of personal data privacy?
19. Russia Beyond: What do Russians think about political correctness?
20. Reuters: Russia’s Spat With West Not Yet Denting Demand for Its Stocks and Bonds.
21. Kemerovo Aftermath: Russia’s Shopping Malls Face Flash Safety Inspections All Over Country.
22. TASS: Declining discontent: Poll shows fewer Russians frustrated with life.
23. Interfax: Country cannot live without genuine opposition, Navalny failed to unite it – Kremlin spokesman.
24. Rethinking Russia: Artem Kureev, Electoral Backlash: Why Russians Don’t See Any Alternatives to Vladimir Putin.
25. Russian and Eurasian Politics: Gordon Hahn, Russia/Eurasia Miscellaneous, March 2018: Putin’s ‘Missile Speech’, Putin-Sobchak, Russia-NATO, Gref, Medvedev’s Thaw.
26. Wall Street Journal: NATO Moves Toward Readying More Troops to Confront Russian Threat. U.S. heads push for European allies to get many more troops to potential trouble spots within 30 days.
27. Voice of America: VOA Interview: US Ambassador Says Russia Must Change Behavior.
28. This Is New Cold War! Huntsman’s Words Leave Little Doubt. (with Dmitri Simes)
29. Council on Foreign Relations: What’s Next for Russia’s Relations With the West? The expulsion of Russian diplomats by more than twenty governments is a remarkable show of unity and a deepening of Moscow’s rift with the West. Interview with Stephen Sestanovich.
30. TASS: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Diplomatic efforts may extinguish hotbeds of conflict in Syria.
31. Foreign Affairs: Odd Arne Westad, Has a New Cold War Really Begun? Why the Term Shouldn’t Apply to Today’s Great-Power Tensions. (excerpt)
32. Sydney Morning Herald (Australia): Nick Miller, ‘We will all end up paying for this’: Russians resent Cold War redux.
33. Pipeline for peace: Russia hopes to unite North & South Korea through gas project.
34. Exclusive: Russian ambassador pleads for help in securing Washington meetings. Anatoly Antonov has been rebuffed by U.S. government officials who are reluctant to be seen as friendly toward the Kremlin.
35. American Committee on East-West Accord: George Enteen, Comment on Max Boot’s ‘Russia’s War against the West’
36. The Nation: Patrick Lawrence, Let’s Not Fall Into the Cold-War Arms-Control Trap. For our national security, we need self-control more than we need arms-control talks.
37. Reuters: Kremlin Queries Legality of Decision to Take RT TV Channel Off Air in Washington.
38. Le Monde diplomatique: Serge Halimi, Why waste a good enemy? The Russians are still coming. In TV fiction and documentaries, Russia remains the threat: could it invade western Europe or manipulate the US?
39. The Ringer: Rob Harvilla, Russia, By Way of Hollywood. What can a recent wave of pop culture-from ‘Red Sparrow’ to ‘The Death of Stalin’ to the sixth season of ‘The Americans’-reveal about our perception of Russia? And can any of it help process the biggest news story of 2018?
40. Duma refuses to denounce ‘anti-national’ Gorbachev & Yeltsin for sparking USSR collapse.
41. Contrivers’ Review: Sean Guillory, Making Sense of the Russian Revolution. (excerpt)
42. Sean’s Russia Blog: Sean Guillory, The Theater of Diplomacy.
43. The Unz Review: The Saker, How the East Can Save the West.
44. Harvard University: “America’s enemies aren’t resting. Neither are we.”
45. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Briefing by Director of the Foreign Ministry Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Vladimir Yermakov. (re Skripal case)

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