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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#56
Tuesday, 27 March 2018
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1. Death toll in Siberian mall fire soars five-fold as EU expels diplomats.
2. The National Interest: Stumbling into a War with Russia. A panel of experts discussed U.S.-Russian relations today at the Center for the National Interest.
3. Interfax: Russian foreign policy expert says relations with West at new low (Fyodor Lukyanov)
4. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, MOVING FORWARD.
5. PBS Newshour: How will the global effort to expel diplomats affect Russia? (with Victoria Nuland and Paul Saunders)
6. ‘Wave of Russian diplomat expulsions is coordinated political warfare against Moscow’
7. Alexander Mercouris, Expelling Russian diplomats: tokenism in Europe; petulance in Washington. US expulsion looks like a delayed reaction to Russia’s huge expulsion of US diplomats last July.
8. The Blogmire: Rob Slane, The Skripal Case: It Looks Like Mrs May Has Some Explaining to do!
9. Novaya Gazeta: Russian scientist doubts if Novichok used against Skripal. (Nikolai Volodin)
10. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Europe’s Anti-Kremlin Roll Call Was Weak. When it came to specific action, European countries opted to keep pressure on Putin low.
11. New York Times editorial: Tough Action on Russia, at Last, but More Is Needed.
12. Washington Post editorial: The Russian expulsions are a good first step. But only a first step.
13. The Guardian (UK): Viv Groskop, Russian stereotypes hurt ordinary people – and play into Putin’s hands. The kind of nuance-free Russophobia represented by the response to the Skripal case bolsters the president.
14. Paul Goncharoff, My discussion of America with Russians over a cup of tea. The geopolitical surprises just seem to keep coming. (excerpt)
15. Ivan Damilov, ‘Generation Putin’ Gives West the Boot. Russians between 18 and 24 are the most likely to approve of Putin — guaranteeing the consequences of present western hostility towards Russia will continue to reverberate for decades.
16. New York Times: Ivan Kristen, Hello, Generation Putin.
17. Vedomosti editorial: What prevents Putin’s return from war.
18. Interfax: Medvedev to meet with all parliamentary factions ahead of gov’t report in State Duma – Volodin.
19. Bloomberg: Europe’s Biggest Money Manager Is Staying Bullish on Russia.
20. St Petersburg’s start-up scene flourishes on high talent and low costs.
21. Moscow Times: Igor Ivanov, This Is What Russia’s Foreign Policy Should Look Like.
22. Valdai Discussion Club: Gerhard Mangott, RUSSIA-WEST RELATIONS: NO LIGHT IN THE DEAD END STREET.
23. Restoring strategic balance: The history of why Russia needs those scary missiles. (VIDEO)
24. Asia Times: Pepe Escobar, Will the Putin-Xi era supersede the Western liberal (dis)order? Perhaps a Confucian path would be the right direction toward Eurasian integration.
25. Svetlana Savranskaya and Tom Blanton, NATO Expansion: What Yeltsin Heard. (excerpt)
26. Foreign Affairs: Michael Sulmeyer, How the U.S. Can Play Cyber-Offense. Deterrence Isn’t Enough. (excerpt)
27. Lawfare (Brookings): Alina Polyakova, The Next Russian Attack Will Be Far Worse than Bots and Trolls. (excerpt)
28. The Independent (UK): Patrick Cockburn, It’s wishful thinking to blame Clinton’s loss on Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica has now joined Russia at the top of a list of conspirators who may have helped Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016, leaving the real reasons unexamined.
29. The Baffler: John Ganz, As Stalin Lay Dying. On Armando Iannucci’s The Death of Stalin.

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