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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#52
Monday, 19 March 2018
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1. Answers to media questions. Vladimir Putin answered questions from Russian and foreign journalists following the completion of the presidential election.
2. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, For Putin, an election win will be easy. The next six years, a lot harder. After Sunday’s election, Vladimir Putin will have to address geopolitical crises and economic reforms he has been putting off – and find his successor – before he likely leaves the Kremlin for good in six years.
3. Russian and Eurasian Politics: Gordon Hahn, Chasing Putin: Russia’s Pro-Democracy Parties and the Presidential Election.
4. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, YOUNG RUSSIANS FOR PUTIN.
5. Sunday Telegraph (UK): Alec Luhn, Russia’s ‘Putin generation’ more active than their parents – and more pro-Kremlin.
6. Real News Network: West’s Anti-Russian Fervor Will Help Putin Win Election On Sunday. As Russia heads into a presidential election on Sunday, Vladimir Putin’s popularity soars with every accusation and sanction Western countries hurl against him, says Prof. Alexander Buzgalin.
7. Landslide victory to keep Putin in the Russian presidency until 2024.
8. Alexander Mercouris, Vladimir Putin re-elected Russia’s President in landslide win. Putin leads with over 76% of the vote; Communist Party candidate comes distant second.
9. ‘Dear friends, thank you’: Putin talks to supporters as preliminary results signal election victory.
10. Sputnik: Election Commission: 1,400 Russians Voted at Embassy in Washington DC.
13. Russia ballot box fraud down compared to previous elections, all cases investigated.
14. Facebook: Michael McFaul, Ballot Stuffing.
15. Sputnik: Putin Has Coherent, Impressive Plan for Russia’s Development – Kremlin.
16. ‘Dictator’ Putin wins ‘fraud-tainted’ vote: Western media sticks to narrative on Russian election.
17. Jacobin: Sean Guillory, It’s the Series Finale for “That Putin Show.” Today’s election in Russia will bring another empty political spectacle to a close. But the contest over the country’s future will just be getting started.
19. AP: What to Expect From Putin and a Resurgent Russia.
20. Wall Street Journal: Putin’s Election Victory Magnifies Deep Divide in Russia’s Political Landscape. Result shows difficulty the opposition has in turning protests into a viable opposition against Mr. Putin.
21. Financial Times: Tony Barber, No hope of liberal reform in Putin’s Russia. The hardline president is likely to occupy the Kremlin until 2024.
22. Meduza: ‘Russia is attempting something that nobody but America has tried in 30 years’ Why is Moscow’s foreign policy what it is? Meduza asks the experts. (Dmitri Trenin, Fyodor Lukyanov, Andrey Kortunov, and Maria Zakharova)
23. Global investors like Russia even if Western governments don’t.
24. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, THREE DOSES OF DRIVEL.
25. The Independent (UK): Patrick Cockburn, The Syrian war could still be raging in four years’ time unless the US and Russia agree to end it.
26. Fort Russ: Savchenko: I Saw Exactly Who Organised Snipers At The Maidan.
27. Kyiv Post: Ukraine ranks among world’s least happy nations, again.
28. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, The Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished (And Won’t Anytime Soon) (excerpt)
29. Wilson Center: A Kennan for Our Times: Celebrating the Legacy of George F. Kennan.
30. NYU Jordan Center: Deciphering Stalin, the man and tyrant: Stephen Kotkin discusses the second volume of his series, “Stalin: Waiting for Hitler, 1929-1941”
31. Washington Post: Stephen Sestanovich, What might be keeping Putin from a good night’s sleep? Watch this film. (The Death of Stalin)
32. ‘It’s nonsense’ to think Russia tried to poison Skripals ahead of elections & World Cup – Putin.
33. Daily Star (UK): MAPPED: Russia’s nuke targets in Britain – is your town safe? RUSSIA would turn Britain into an uninhabitable wasteland if Vladimir Putin decided to launch a nuclear attack.
34. Patrick Lawrence, Behind this week’s Russia headlines: A mystery, a leap to conclusions and a fateful turn. Did the Russians try to murder a former spy? Maybe. But that has little to do with the larger Russophobe narrative. (excerpt)
35. Sputnik: John Wright, Skripal: Scepticism is Not Justified, It is Mandatory.
36. The Independent (UK): Mary Dejevsky, The British Government’s response to Sergei Skripal proves we’ve learnt nothing from the Iraq War. As leader of HM Opposition, and with the Iraq WMD experience behind him, Corbyn is entirely justified in not taking Government assurances on trust. Indeed, is this not what an opposition is for?
37. Sergey Smirnov, By banning Russian propaganda, the UK will help Putin in his campaign against press freedom. Why banning Russia Today will have consequences for press freedom in Russia.
38. Washington Post: Jackson Diehl, Why hasn’t Britain been able to stop Putin? Ask Jeremy Corbyn. It’s not that options to seriously punish Russia don’t exist. It’s that divided Western governments have been unable to agree on them.

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