RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2018-43 :: Wednesday, 7 March 2018

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#43
Wednesday, 7 March 2018
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1. RFE/RL: Arctic Winter ‘Warmest On Record’
2. Facebook: Ben Aris, The Russia Story.
3. Vadim Dumesh and Ben Aris, How realistic are Putin’s promises to massively increase social spending?
4. TASS: Vedomosti: Putin’s approval rating dips in big cities.
5. Sputnik: Putin: Russia May Use Nukes Only as a Response Strike. [Interview film:]
6. TASS: Putin guided by Russia’s interests, shrugs off West’s portrayal of him as ‘villain’
7. TASS: Putin was certain sanctions would follow Crimea’s reunification with Russia.
8. Russian Working Youth Forum.
9. TASS: Over 71% of Russians plan to cast ballots in presidential election.
10. Seraphim Hanisch, Solid turnout likely in 2018 Russian Presidential election. Mythbusting about the nature of the Russian Presidential election politics and activity, from the point of view of a foreign observer living in the Russian Federation.
11. Meduza: The Communist Party’s presidential candidate says he’s being framed for having foreign bank accounts.
13. Presidential candidate Sobchak faces backlash after ‘asking Ukraine’s permission to visit Crimea’
14. Consumption is back as a driver for the Russian economy, but it is not strong enough to fuel a boom.
15. Interfax: Putin: import substitution in Russia is temporary phenomenon.
16. TASS: Vedomosti: OECD says Russia’s economy stuck in slow gear.
17. The Russian Reader/Vedomosti: Russia Set to Fall Further Behind US in Terms of Living Standards.
18. TASS: Forbes lists 103 Russian billionaires with overall wealth of $414 bln.
19. Interfax: Russia has lot to do for gender equality – Putin.
20. Awful Avalanche: What To Do About Sexual Harassment On International Women’s Day? [Text with links]
21. Moscow Times: Alexei Levinson, Who We Should Really Be Congratulating on Women’s Day. Russian society is sexist and almost nobody here thinks that that’s something to be ashamed of.
22. TASS: Russia follows its own path in resolving Syria issue – Putin.
23. Interfax: Russia helps Syrian govt prevent emergence of large terror hotbed – Putin.
25. ‘Absurdity’: Moscow slams Boris Johnson’s insinuations over Russian ex-spy incident.
26. Meduza: A hundred grand and hundreds of betrayed agents. What was former GRU Colonel Sergey Skripal’s treason against Russia?
27. Alexander Mercouris, Two Russians poisoned; Britain goes mad. Feverish speculation in the British media of Russian state involvement in alleged poisoning of Sergey Skripal and his daughter is unwarranted.
28. Russia International Affairs Council: Sergei Karaganov, China and Russia are quasi allies… On strategic affairs Russia and India have serious conversations only at top level.
29. Valdai Discussion Club: Alexander Lomanov, XI JINPING: AN UNCONSTRAINED PRESIDENT.
30. National Public Radio (NPR): How People In Crimea View The Union With Russia.
31. Russia Beyond: 5 books to help you make sense of contemporary Russia.
32. Russian International Affairs Council: Konstantin Pakhalyuk, When Did the First World War End for Russia? Marking the Centenary of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. [FULL VERSION OF THE ARTICLE:]
33. Washington Post: David Ignatius, America ignores Russia at its peril. Vladimir Putin has been advertising his desire to restore Russia’s lost glory since he took office. []
34. New York Times: Antony Blinken, Behold Vladimir V. Potemkin. []
35. Washington Post: Jessica Rosenworcel, Russians are hacking our public-commenting system, too. Fake comments are drowning out authentic opinions on regulations. Time to fight back.[]
36. Washington Post: Timothy Gill, Americans shouldn’t be shocked by Russian interference in the election. The U.S. does it, too. Frustrated with foreign interference in our elections? So are the people of Latin America.
37. Ray McGovern, ‘Progressive’ Journalists Jump the Shark on Russiagate. A lack of skepticism has characterized much of the reporting on Russiagate, with undue credibility being given to questionable sources like the Steele dossier, and now progressives like Jane Mayer and Cenk Uygur are joining the bandwagon. []
38. Moon of Alabama: The New Yorker Attempts But Fails To Boost The Steele Dossier. []
39. D.C. snubs Russian ambassador. ‘After what happened to Jeff Sessions, no member wants to be in the press for meeting with the Russian ambassador.’ []

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