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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#36
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
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1. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, COPENHAGEN CONFERENCE.
2. Yabloko leader asks Putin to cancel annual parliamentary address.
3. TASS: Business ombudsman touts moving Russia’s capital to new location every 12 years.
4. Group ‘Gays for Putin’ plans rally in Russia’s Saint Petersburg ahead of elections. Members of one of the country’s supposedly most victimized minorities expresses its support for Russia’s president.
5. Asia Times: Sergey Aleksashenko, Russia stuck in a groove as Putin faces existential quandary. Vladimir Putin will be elected to another six-year term on March 18 – and his country’s economic and political environment will continue to deteriorate. What remains to be seen is whether he will change the constitution to stay in power beyond 2024.
6. FPRI BEAR MARKET BRIEF: Tatiana Golikova and the beancounters in the Audit Chamber of Secrets.
7. TASS: Vedomosti: Gazprom expects huge output growth domestically and abroad.
8. Sputnik: Gold Rush Vol. 2: Why is Russia Buying More Gold.
9. Rick Sterling, Who Benefits from Russia’s ‘Peculiar’ Doping Violations? The Winter Olympics concluded with two Russian athletes testing positive for banned substances. But the doping would have made little sense in terms of gaining a competitive edge, leading Rick Sterling to wonder who benefits? [Text with links]
10. Asia Times: Pepe Escobar, Munich did nothing to appease Cold War 2.0 fears. ‘To The Brink – And Back’ had shades of the Soviet Union era when ‘Commies eat children for breakfast’ [Text with links]
11. TASS: Russia urges US to ensure that contested points on New START Treaty are ironed out.
12. Interfax: Russia’s Arctic military construction bigger than other countries’ – Shoigu.
13. TASS: Setting up Syrian de-escalation zones with US, Russian support futile, expert believes. (Vitaly Naumkin)
14. PONARS Eurasia: Ekaterina Stepanova, Russia’s Syria Policy: The Hard Path of Military Disengagement.
15. TASS: Anti-Assad faction’s stranglehold on Ghouta refugees puts ceasefire in doubt, Lavrov says.
16. Moscow Times: 73% of Russians Believe Military Has Achieved Syria Goals.
17. ‘Proof doesn’t matter to West regarding Syria chemical weapons-use allegations…as usual’
18. Navy Deploys Destroyers To Black Sea To “Desensitize” Russia To US Presence.
19. Washington Post: Michael McFaul, Remembering a Russian champion of freedom. (Boris Nemtsov)
20. Russia Beyond: Alexander Solzhenitsyn: 5 books by the Soviet dissident author that you should read right now
21. Kyiv Post editorial: Populist vs. kleptocrat.
22. Kyiv Post: Ukrainian Association of the Kennan Institute Alumni: ‘We are deeply concerned by the Kennan Institute’s growing pro-Kremlin policies’
23. The Guardian: Thomas Frank, The hysteria over Russian bots has reached new levels. Pundits and Democrats ascribe to a handful of bargain-basement Russian trolls all manner of ability – including orchestrating a coup d’etat.
24. Washington Post: Katrina vanden Heuvel, On Russia, we need more reason and less frenzy.
25. Washington Post editorial: The Nunes memo continues to backfire. Republicans’ campaign of misdirection discredits them – but not the Russia investigation.
26. Alexander Mercouris, Battle of the Memos: Democrats’ Memo fails to rebut GOP Memo. Here’s why. Under close scrutiny Adam Schiff’s rebuttal of the GOP Memorandum falls apart. (excerpt) [Full text]
27. The New Yorker Interview: David Remnick Talks to Masha Gessen About Putin, Russia, and Trump. [Video interview]

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