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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#23
Friday, 2 February 2018
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1. TASS: Russia’s answer to Groundhog Day: Yekaterinburg hedgehog predicts early spring.
2. Russia Beyond: The Russian hate list: Who is truly disliked in the country and why.
3. Carnegie Moscow Center: Dmitri Trenin, Highs and Lows: Russia’s Foreign Policy at the start of 2018.
4. Ben Aris, Russia’s “Ivanov” consumers are becoming more optimistic about their future says Sberbank survey. [Text with charts]
5. State Council Presidium meeting on developing Russian regions’ industrial capacity.
6. TASS: Kremlin spokesman apologizes for electioneering statement in Putin’s favor.
7. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Russian pundits view reasons for ‘lenient’ treatment of Navalny.
8. Novaya Gazeta: Russian analyst says Navalny, authorities prepared to ‘play long game.’ (Kirill Martynov)
9. AP Interview: Ksenia Sobchak makes Russian election glitter.
10. Sobchak lashes out at RT over ‘illegal’ reminder of her unethical behavior.
11. Ex-governor Belykh sentenced to 8 years for large-scale bribery.
12. Interfax: Belykh case reveals flaw of Russian law enforcement: lack of mercy for the ill – Kudrin.
13. New York Review of Books: Ruth May, Putin: From Oligarch to Kleptocrat.
14. The Economist: Orthodox business. Vladimir Putin embraces the Russian church. But is it getting too close to the Kremlin?
15. Morningstar (UK): Why Now is the Time to Invest in Russia . Russia is being tipped for a recovery, after a poor 2017. The stocks are cheap and the fundamentals are compelling, according the investment professionals.
17. Vedomosti: Russian daily says ‘Putin list’ looks ‘superficial’
s18. Izvestia: Pundit says effect of Putin list may be opposite of what is expected. (Kirill Koktysh)
19. Bloomberg: Russian Debt Market May Be Too Big to Sanction, Treasury Warns.
20. Alexander Mercouris, Russia’s Olympians win case against International Olympic Committee. Court of Arbitration for Sport lifts IOC imposed lifetime bans on Olympic participation by 28 clean Russian athletes. [Text with links]
21. Victory of reason: Olympic ban reversal shows how inept the ‘Russian doping’ saga is.
22. Reuters: U.S., Russia likely to meet nuclear treaty obligations by Feb. 5: State Department.
23. Sputnik: Russia Calls on US to Resolve Military Flight Safety Issues Through Talks.
24. Le Monde diplomatique: Serge Halimi, Useful idiots of the Pentagon.
25. Washington Post: Andrew Bowen, The U.S. will send antitank weaponry to Ukraine. Here are 4 big questions.
26. Mother Jones: David Corn, While You Are Tweeting About the Nunes Memo, Russia Is Plotting Its Midterms Attack. The point is distraction. And it’s working dangerously well.
27. Russia Matters: David Szakonyi, Why Did the Trump Administration Pass the Buck on Sanctioning Russia? (excerpt)
28. TASS: Kommersant: Mexican election ‘interference’ accusations hurled at Russia.
29. New York Times editorial: The Republican Plot Against the F.B.I.
30. Wall Street Journal: Kimberley Strassel, Memo Reading for Nonpartisans. Ignore the spin. When the document goes public, here’s what to look for.
31. Patrick Buchanan, A Never-Trump Press in Near Panic.
32. “Trump is Our Man” Conclude Top Journalists and Politicians After Visit of Russian “Spymaster” to DC. [Video with English subtitles]

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