RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2018-171 :: Wednesday, 19 September 2018

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#171
Wednesday, 19 September 2018

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1. Meeting with elected regional governors.
2. Russian elections body recommends annulment of Far East vote over violations.
3. Interfax: Russia’s CEC wishes to investigate violations regardless of ranks of those who organized Primorye electoral fraud.
4. Interfax: Pamfilova makes decisions without anyone’s instructions, didn’t bother Putin on situation with election in Primorye.
5. TASS: Kremlin on Far East’s gubernatorial race: legitimacy is priority for Putin.
6. TASS: Retailers in central Moscow will take part in pilot project testing tax free system.
7. Moscow Times: Apurva Sanghi and Shahid Yusuf, Russia’s Uphill Struggle With Innovation . There are clear steps the country can take to become more competitive.
8. Moscow Times: Elizabeth Buchanan, Russia’s New Commanding Role in the Arctic . A new shipping corridor between Asia and Europe promises to strengthen Russia’s control over the Arctic.
9. The U.S. Calls On Russia To Cap Soaring Oil Prices.
10. The US Is Doing Everything to Make The Russian Elite Return Money to Their Motherland, by Ruslan Ostashko.
11. Former Bush adviser has three steps to rebuild U.S.-Russia relationship. [Stephen Hadley]
12. The Times (UK): US air force chiefs want fleet strength to return to Cold War levels in preparation for conflict with China or Russia.
13. TASS: Pentagon identifies Russia, China as threats to cybersecurity – media.
14. Valdai Discussion Club: Mary Dejevsky, WHERE IS THE WEST AS ENDGAME IN SYRIA LOOMS?
15. Nic Robertson, Only a fool takes Vladimir Putin at his word in Syria (excerpt)
16. Facebook: Robert Bridge, Putin.
17. TASS: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Mop-up operation in Syria’s Idlib to start in November.
18. Interfax: Russian-Israeli military hotline must be improved – expert.
19. TASS: Kremlin: Putin’s opinion of Mediterranean plane crash relies on Defense Ministry’s data.
20. TASS: Media: Russia faults Israel over military jet’s downing in Syria, vows response.
21. The National Interest: Dave Majumdar, Who Really Shot Down Russia’s Plane? These are the complicated circumstances surrounding the incident and what they mean for Russia and Syria.
23. Russian International Affairs Council: Andrey Devyatkov, Moldova and Transnistria: the Spectre of Federalization.
24. Hungarian PM reaches agreement on gas deliveries from Russia to 2020.
25. Bryan MacDonald, Western leaders descend on Macedonian ‘battleground’ as Moscow pulls its punches.
26. Kyiv Post: Tefft returns to Kyiv, reflects on stressful Moscow post, Putin’s mistakes and West’s challenge.
27. Russia Observer: Patrick Armstrong, RUSSIAN MH-17 BRIEFING. (with comments on Facebook)
28. Hromadske (Kyiv): Ukraine Has Lively And Competitive Democracy – McFaul.
29. The Independent (UK): Journalism under threat and corruption prevails in Ukraine, despite IMF demands. In Kiev, Kim Sengupta finds corruption claims are muddying the country’s journey to democracy.
30. New York Times: Andrew Higgins, Tragedy? Farce? Confusion? The Method Behind That Russian Poisoning Interview. (excerpt)
31. The Mirror (UK): Britain may have MISSED real Novichok ‘assassins’ with CCTV suspects acting as ‘watchers’, ex-spy claims. The retired agent has doubted that Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Bochirov are plausible as killers after they were spotted numerous times on CCTV.
32. Ray McGovern, Justice Dept Likely to Slow-Walk Declassification. President Trump has ordered Russia-gate data to be declassified but will likely be stonewalled, raising questions about whether Trump is his own man.
33. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Real Russian Spies Don’t Live Up to ‘The Americans.’ The implausible genius of the agents in the Emmy-winning TV drama misleads actual Americans about the nature of the Kremlin threat.

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