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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#134
Monday, 23 July 2018

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1. Russia Beyond: How Russians face death. []
2. The National Interest: Daniel Davis, America Needs to Look Beyond Anti-Russian Hysteria. It is possible for Washington to stand firm while also finding ways to cooperate with Moscow?
3. Washington Post editorial: Surprise, Maryland – your election contractor has ties to Russia.
4. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, Butina Trutherism. []
5. The Onion: [SATIRE:] FBI Reveals Maria Butina Traded Sex In Exchange For All 62,984,828 Votes Trump Received In 2016.
6. National Public Radio (NPR): The Russia Investigations: How Many More Maria Butinas Are There?
7. Raw Story: Ex-ambassador and Putin foe [Michael McFaul] warns whatever Trump did in Moscow in 2013 ‘they have a record of it’
8. The New Yorker: Adam Davidson, A Theory of Trump Kompromat. Why the President is so nice to Putin, even when Putin might not want him to be.
9. Meduza: The Kremlin is spearheading a new ‘social-media monitoring system’ to hold local officials more accountable.
10. Bitter pill: Putin says all pension reform options look unappealing to him.
11. Conversation with 2018 FIFA World Cup volunteers. (excerpt re pension reform)
12. Paul Goble: Demography Being Abused in Russian Pension Age Debate, Vishnevsky Says.
13. Kommersant: Wages in Russia Catch Up to Wages in Romania.
14. AP: Crackdown Feared as Russian Grad School Faces Government Penalty.
15. Six detained after graphic torture video from Russian jail goes viral. [Video]
16. Moscow Times: Russians Pessimistic About U.S. Ties After Helsinki Summit, Survey Says.
17. TASS: Over 50% of Russians call for boosting cooperation with US, poll says.
18. TASS: Media: CIA sees China as greater threat than Russia.
19. Trump can listen, but keeps his own opinion on many issues, yet US & Russia on right track – Putin.
20. Valdai Discussion Club: Andrey Bezrukov, PUTIN-TRUMP: HOW WILL THE NEXT MEETING LOOK LIKE?
21. The National Interest: Tom Collina, After Helsinki, Can Trump and Putin Strike a Grand Bargain on Nukes?. Presidents Trump and Putin want to get nuclear arms control back on track. Here’s how they can get it done.
22. Financial Times: Putin-Trump idea for bilateral business forum hits early trouble. Deep scepticism in Russia that plan hatched at Helsinki summit can get off the ground.
23. Rethinking Russia: Russia-US Summit in Helsinki: Expectations and Results.
24. Russian International Affairs Council: Elena Alekseenkova, Meeting between Putin and Trump – Another Reason for Split within the EU? []
25. S&P affirms Russia’s credit rating, says Moscow is able to weather new sanctions.
26. Russia ditching US Treasuries for gold in bid to protect economy & diversify – analysts to RT.
27. The Atlantic: Andrei Soldatov, How Putin Squandered His Helsinki Triumph. Putin’s domestic opponents bet on rational, predictable outcomes-and they keep being undercut by reality.
28. Current Affairs: Lyle Jeremy Rubin, IT’S TIME FOR A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE ON RUSSIA. Any Russian interference is only a small part of the “election meddling” we should care about. []
29. Wall Street Journal: Officials’ Stark Warnings on Russia Diverge From White House View. Clashing assessments raise a question ahead of the next Trump-Putin summit: Can the U.S. formulate a coherent Russia policy?
30. Sic Semper Tyrannis: FISA Fraud by Obama’s DOJ and Intel Community by Publius Tacitus. [Text with links and comments:]
31. The Federalist: Rachel Stoltzfoos, 6 Persistent, Hysterically Overblown Myths About Russia’s 2016 Meddling. Overstating the impact of Russia’s influence on the 2016 election is not only dishonest, it helps Vladimir Putin achieve his meddling goals.
32. The Unz Review: Diana Johnstone, Mass Dementia in the Western Establishment.
[Text with links:]
33. Sic Semper Tyrannis: THE BROWDER DOCUMENTARY (by Patrick Armstrong)
[Text with comments:]
34. Russia Beyond: Benjamin Davis, Why Russians don’t differ much from Americans.
35. The Blog Mire: Rob Slane, The Salisbury Poisonings: “Novichok” – The Odourless Nerve Agent That Stinks to High Heaven. []
36. George Eliason, Mueller Indictment Catches Ukraine. [
37. Fort Russ: Eduard Popov, Popov: Putin’s Donbass Proposal Is Targeted Leak, Not Fake News. []
38. Awful Avalanche: Examples of Good And Bad Sportsmanship. (re Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik) [Text with links:]
39. The Real News Network: Is Putin’s Rule a Dictatorship? – RAI with A. Buzgalin (8/12). On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alexandr Buzgalin says while Putin heads a powerful state, this is not a system of one man rule; more than 100 billionaires and a stratum of top bureaucrats have political power – with host Paul Jay. [Text with audio:]
40. The Real News Network: Why is Putin so Popular When People Are so Poor? – RAI With A. Buzgalin (9/12.On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alexandr Buzgalin says under the slogans liberal democracy and market capitalism was delivered chaos and crime; Putin stands for traditional Russian values and culture, social order and making Russia great again – with host Paul Jay. [Text with audio:]


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