RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2018-125 :: Tuesday, 10 July 2018

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#125 :: Tuesday, 10 July 2018
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1. Washington Post: Philip Bump, The market demands a broad Trump-Russia theory – but the evidence doesn’t support one.
2. TASS: Poll shows over half of Russians expect no significant results from Putin-Trump meeting.
3. Reuters: Trump Says He Can’t Say if Putin Is Friend or Foe.
4. Valdai Discussion Club: Mary Dejevsky, TRUMP-PUTIN SUMMIT: APPREHENSION IN THE UK AND EUROPE. It is true that many EU countries harbour misgivings about Donald Trump, especially on the matter of trade tariffs and the extent of his commitment (or not) to NATO. And they, too – especially the eastern-most members – have qualms about what Trump might concede when he meets Putin in Helsinki. But their future options are a lot less stark than those facing the UK.
5. Asia Times: M.K.Bhadrakumar, NATO wary about summit with Trump days before he meets Putin. The Obama administration’s posturing of Russia as ‘the enemy’ after its ventures into Ukraine and Crimea mean little to current US President; indeed a warming of ties between the US and Moscow could force NATO to rethink its entire outlook.
6. TASS: Kommersant: Washington considering Moscow-proposed joint statement by Russian, US leaders.
7. The American Conservative: Ted Galen Carpenter, Rediscovering the Art of Diplomacy With Vladimir Putin. Trump has the opportunity for his greatest foreign policy accomplishment yet.
8. The National Interest: Vladislav Inozemtsev, What Trump Should Keep in Mind When Meeting Putin. Putin, with his consolidated domestic grip on power, will negotiate from a position of strength.
10. Financial Times: Trump and Putin: inside the muddled American policy on Russia. US president’s stance may become clearer as he meets Russian leader and attends Nato summit.
11. Reuters: When Donald Meets Vladimir: The Neophyte and the Black Belt.
12. Washington Post: David Kramer, Putin is about to con Trump in Helsinki. Here’s how.
13. Russian International Affairs Council: Towards a NATO-Russia Basic Understanding.
14. Bear Market Brief: Pension reform could hurt United Russia in regional elections.
15. Russia Beyond: New rules: If you’re a foreigner working in Russia you need to read this.
16. Moscow Times: Russia’s Rating Agency Says More Sanctions Are Key Economic Risk.
17. Paul Goncharoff, Cybersecurity has never been more important to Russian companies. As the digital world and the commercial realm of bricks and mortar industry inexorably grow together through e-Commerce as well as the many paths opened via blockchain, the responsibilities of business management are rapidly changing through this evolution.
18. James Rodgers, World Cup Inspires Russia To Head For New Tourism Goals.
19. Moscow Times: Marc Bennetts, ‘We Wanted to Prove That Football Is Alive.” Only a cynic could dismiss Russia’s World Cup successes.
20. Los Angeles Times: World Cup gives Russia a global makeover, but how long will that last?
21. Bloomberg: Russia Is Building $320 Million Icebreakers to Carve New Arctic Routes. The 1,000-foot-long vessels for hauling liquefied natural gas can cut through ice up to 7 feet thick.
22. The Nation: Ronald Katz, Why Congress Should Not Honor One of the Most Notorious Doping Cheats of All Time. Congress should look beyond the flawed New York Times coverage of alleged state-sponsored Russian Olympic doping, which relied on a discredited informant and then largely ignored a respectable court.
23. Washington Post: Ishaan Tharoor, Russia stays in the driver’s seat in Syria.
25. A new broom in Tbilisi, but the same old problems with Russia.
26. C. J. Hopkins, Hardcore Hitler on Hitler in Helsinki. [Text with links:]
27. The Week: Matthew Walther, Liberals’ Trump-Russia fever dreams have reached parody status.

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