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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2018-#11
Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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1. TASS: Darkest December: Moscow got 7 minutes of sun in final month.
2. Moscow Times: Russian Alcohol Consumption Falls 80% in 5 Years, Says Minister.
3. Russia Matters: David Filipov, A Moscow Reporter’s Notebook: Myths, Misunderstandings and 6 More Years of Bad News for US-Russia Ties.
4. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, MOSCOW CONFERENCE.
5. The American Conservative: Paul Grenier, Russia, America, and the Courage to Converse. A conference explores one of our thorniest questions: how to get beyond the impasse between Washington and Moscow.
6. Washington Post: Adam Taylor, Can the U.S. and Russia work together? A new poll suggests some shared foreign policy goals.
7. Interfax: U.S. not prepared for contacts with Russia in format of meetings between foreign policy, defense chiefs – ambassador.
8. Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Yevgeniy Shestakov, Tainted Tourism. Why State Department has Advised Americans not to Travel to Russia.
9. Putin may win presidential election in first round – poll.
10. Bloomberg: Russia Weighs Biggest Spending Spree Since Putin’s Re-Election.
11. AP: Russian Pollster Stops Publishing Results on Elections.
12. Bear Market Brief: Election season heating up, Kremlin enjoys data monopoly.
13. Yuliya Talmazan, Putin wins strong millennial following as Russian election looms.
15. Putin’s Remarks at Valaam: Lenin’s Mausoleum Is Treated Same Way as Relics to Saints in Russia.
16. RFE/RL: Opposition Feud Flares Up As Sobchak Confronts Navalny Ally On Air.
17. Russia Beyond: 4 reasons why you need to invest in Russia in 2018.
18. TASS: Russian PM predicts blockchain technology will become part and parcel of daily life.
19. AP: Despite Doping Scandals, Olympic Fever Grips Russian Cinemas.
20. Back to USSR? IOC to review use of Soviet symbols by Russia.
21. Bear Market Brief: With sanctions due soon, oligarchs brace themselves.
22. RFE/RL: Who’s On The List? Russia’s Elite Nervous About New U.S. Sanctions.
23. Wall Street Journal: U.S. Plans New Nuclear Weapons. Pentagon weighs ‘low-yield’ warhead and sea-based cruise missile, igniting debate over strategy.
24. Alexander Vershbow: re Russia and NATO.
25. Valdai Discussion Club: Rein Mullerson, FROM BROKEN PROMISES TO COLD WAR II.
26. Middle East Eye: Alexey Khlebnikov, 2018: A year of many challenges for Putin in the Middle East. If Russia fails to meet regional actors’ expectations over Syria, Libya or Israel/Palestine, it will ruin its image as a credible partner.
27. Russian International Affairs Council: Georgy Toloraya, Korean Conciliation: Will it Last?
28. The Straits Times (Singapore): Anton Tsvetkov, A breakthrough year for Russia in South-east Asia?
29. IMF warns Ukraine over presidential anti-corruption court bill.
30. Xinhua: Majority of Ukrainians support peaceful solution to Donbas conflict: survey.
31. Kyiv Post: Even confined to base, controversy dogs Azov Regiment.
32. “US Fears a Fair Competitor”: Foreign Minister Lavrov Say That Diplomacy Can Only Go So Far.
33. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s statement and answers to media questions at a news conference on Russian diplomacy in 2017, Moscow, January 15, 2018.

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