RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-29 :: Wednesday, 8 February 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#29
Wednesday, 8 February 2017

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1. The Unz Report: Anatoly Karlin, Dying Bear Still Not Dead. (re demographics)
2. Presentation of the 2016 Presidential Prizes in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists.
3. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, Universalism and Particularism in Russian conservatism.
4. Russia Country Report – January, 2017. (summary)
5. Moscow Times: Support for Death Penalty in Russia Plummets.
6. Russian site views players in 2018 presidential election. (Alexander Ivakhnik)
7. Russian court hands opposition figure Navalny 5-year suspended sentence.
8. Interfax: Sentence in ‘Kirovles case’ deprives Navalny of possibility of running in presidential elections under law on presidential elections in Russia – lawyer.
9. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Section of Russian elite uses Navalnyy against Putin – daily. (Mikhail Zubov)
10. Rethinking Russia: Governors’ Reshuffle – a Logical Step on the Road to the Political System Stability.
12. Ben Aris, PwC says Russia to be biggest European economy by 2050.
13. Russia’s inflation decline continues with 5% posted in January.
14. Bear Market Brief: FAS Seeks to Trim State Role in Economy.
15. Moscow Times: Russian Government Named Biggest Threat to Competitive Economy.
16. Wall Street Journal: Investors Warm to Russia, With Toy-Store Owner Set to Be First Big IPO Since 2014. IPO comes as Russia’s economy begins to recover from economic sanctions and the slump in oil prices.
17. RBC: Sergei Aleksashenko, Instrument Failure: Why It Is Hard to Trust Rosstat’s Data on the Recession’s End.
18. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Putin chooses in favour of Kudrin’s economic plan – paper.
19. Strengthening ruble boosts Russian imports.
20. Russia Beyond the Headlines: How to make a fortune from banned food products. Despite sanctions Russia has plenty of Italian Parmesan cheese, French brie, Spanish jamon and Dutch blue cheese. RBTH investigated to find out who sells these items on the Russian market, and how.
21. Putin’s Tough Choice: China Or The West.
22. Russia Direct: Danielle Ryan, Making sense of Putin’s visit to Hungary. Russian President Vladimir Putin has seen Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban as a useful partner within the EU and finds himself in a better position now than he did when he was last in Budapest two years ago. The geopolitical cookie has crumbled in his favor, at least for now.
23. Carnegie Moscow Center: Artyom Shraibman, The Far-Reaching Consequences of Belarus’s Conflict with Russia.
24. Izvestia: Russian senator calls for new agenda in relations with USA. (Konstantin Kosachev)
25. Asia Times: M.K. Bhadrakumar, The frozen ground of US-Russia ties is hard to till.
26. Ivan Kurilla, Why is Russia so happy with Trump? The Russian ruling elite is hoping it would be able to negotiate a new world order with Trump.
27. Vedomosti: Experts dismiss Western reports on possible Moscow-Tehran discord.
28. ‘Emotion mustn’t override reason’: Churkin questions Trump’s tensions with Iran & China.
29. Those behind recent violence in Ukraine don’t want US-Russian relations to improve – Churkin to RT.
30. The Guardian (UK) letter: Richard Sakwa, Another take on Putin, Trump and Ukraine.
31. Alexander Mercouris, Four battles that broke the Ukrainian army. The latest fighting near Avdeevka in Ukraine repeats the same disastrous tactics which led to the Ukrainian army’s previous defeats in the “cauldrons” along the Russian border (the ‘southern cauldron’), in Ilovaisk, at Donetsk airport, and in Debaltsevo.
2. CBC News (Canada): ‘It’s hit us very painfully’: Russian track athletes react to extension of international ban over doping. They have option to apply as ‘neutrals’ for world championships and compete without their flag.
33. Sputnik: German Intelligence Fails to Prove Russia’s Involvement in Cyberattacks.
34. Russia Beyond the Headlines/ The Cold War: From Churchill to Yeltsin. A joint declaration, signed by Russia and the U.S. at Camp David on Feb. 1, 1992 officially ended the Cold War. What were its causes and how did it unfold?
35. Lenin’s body to be freshened up, given new suit.
36. The Calvert Journal: Justin Reynolds, The Soviet web: the tale of how the USSR almost invented the internet.
37. Awful Avalanche: Ballet Review: Swan Lake Part II.
38. Washington Post: Joe Scarborough, Trump’s dangerous lie about Russia. There is no moral equivalence between the United States and Putin’s Russia.

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