RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-215 :: Monday, 13 November 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#215
Monday, 13 November 2017

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1. Kenneth Rapoza, In Russia, Locals ‘Exhausted’ From Being Blamed For Everything.
2. Bear Market Brief: Poll finds eroding support for state policy on all fronts.
4. Carnegie Moscow Center: Konstantin Gaaze, Why the Kremlin Needs Sobchak. Ksenia Sobchak’s run for the Russian presidency is not meant to siphon votes away from Alexei Navalny. The Kremlin’s aim is to create a pseudo-opposition, which will channel the discontents of the liberal urban electorate.
6. Duma could pass restrictions against foreign media this week – deputy speaker.
7. Moscow Times: Kremlin to Target All Foreign Media Amid U.S. ‘Foreign Agent’ Spat.
8. Interfax: Mirroring measures against int’l media meddling in Russia’s internal affairs may be applied to specific social media – State Duma Deputy Speaker Tolstoy.
9. Interfax: State Duma regards Internet as delivery means, not preparing restrictions on it in response to U.S. actions – State Duma Deputy Speaker Tolstoy to Interfax.
10. Twitter: Kevin Rothrock, Oleg Kashin on Western media coverage of Russia.
11. Moscow Times: After 22 Years, Novaya Gazeta Editor Dmitry Muratov Steps Down.
12. Russia Insider: Eric van de Beek, Press Freedom in Russia – Putin as a Dog. Western media freedom ranking organizations keep telling us that Russian journalists are ‘not free’. The facts suggest otherwise. We talked to faculty members of the journalism department at Moscow State University, to get their take on the situation.
13. TASS: Kommersant: Russia eyes AI to root out red tape and corruption in legal system.
14. AFP: Russia’s pre-Revolutionary estates crumble in neglect.
15. Moscow Times: Michele Berdy, The Soviet Language Revolution.
16. Financial Times: The Russian Revolution comes to Tate Modern. ‘Red Star Over Russia’ explores how a wave of post-revolutionary creativity ended up as totalitarian propaganda.
17. Ivan Katchanovski: Metro Interview Concerning the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution.
18. TASS: Up to 60% of Russia’s population should be involved in small businesses – PM Medvedev.
19. Interfax: Russia’s GDP growth to exceed 2% in 2017 – Medvedev.
20. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, Russia’s Inflation Falls to Record Post-Soviet Low.
21. Russia squeezing US out as agricultural superpower.
22. Wall Street Journal: Russia’s Resurgent Wheat Farmers Squeeze U.S.. Russia benefiting from large investments and a weaker ruble while the U.S. dealt with bad weather this past harvest.
23. Medvedev accuses West of using sanctions as unfair competition tool.
24. Rivals will ‘inevitably’ replace American firms blocked from Russia by US sanctions – Putin.
25. Russia Unfazed By U.S. Oil Sanctions.
26. Boston Globe: Stephen Kinder, NATO is headed for a very messy break-up.
27. Interfax: Russian Strategic Missile Forces comprise approx. 400 ICBMs – commander.
28. The National Interest: Lyle Goldstein, Russia and America Are Conducting Massive Nuclear Exercises (and No One Cares). Nuclear weapons exercises in both Russia and the United States go mysteriously unreported in leading American newspapers.
29. The Unz Review: The Saker, War with Russia: Two Great American Myths. (excerpt)
30. Statement by the Presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States of America. (re Syria)
31. Joint U.S.-Russia statement calls for U.N.-supervised elections in Syria.
32. APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting wrapped up in Vietnam.
33. Bear Market Brief: Frustration mounts with Trump after APEC snub.
35. Valdai Discussion Club: Maxim Suchkov, PUTIN AND TRUMP IN DANANG: NO RESET, ONLY CTRL+ALT+DEL.
36. New York Times: Full Transcript of Trump’s Remarks on Russia.
37. Trump believed Putin ‘means it when he says no’ to meddling claims, now sides with US intel agencies.
38. Russian International Affairs Council: Andrey Kortunov, Pyongyang is Starts and Wins. What Can the Losers Do?
39. Security Watch: What Russia’s Middle East Strategy Is Really About.
40. International Policy Digest (South Korea): Nathan Dabrowski, Ukraine: A State Run by the Rich, for the Rich.
41. Awful Avalanche: Breaking News – CIA Impersonates Kaspersky.
Breaking News – CIA Impersonates Kaspersky
42. Paul Goble: Russian Info War Against US, Far Broader than Last Year’s Elections, an Act of Terrorism, Latynina Says.
43. Ray McGovern, Mocking Trump Doesn’t Prove Russia’s Guilt. President Trump is getting mocked for “trusting” Vladimir Putin’s denial about “meddling” in U.S. politics – and not accepting Official Washington’s groupthink – but ridicule isn’t evidence.
44. Sic Semper Tyrannis: The Danger of Our Russian Delusion.
45. Democrats ‘use Putin as stick to beat Trump,’ hindering US-Russia rapprochement.
46. Washington Post: All the known times the Trump campaign met with Russians.
47. New York Times: Charles Blow, Siding With the Enemy.

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