RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-209 :: Saturday, 4 November 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#209
Saturday, 4 November 2017

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1. Chris Floyd, Don Draper Rules: Russian Ads and American Madness.
2. Ricardo Vaz, RussiaDidIt: cheap meddling, closet Marxists and racial tensions.
3. Bryan MacDonald, Confessions of a (verified) Russia-linked Twitter Bot.
4. Sputnik: Twitter: Speaking Russian, Having Russian IP Makes You a Kremlin Shill.
5. The National Interest: Daniel McCarthy, Trump, Papadopoulous and the Russia Connection. Evidence that goes far beyond Manafort’s general shadiness will be needed to fulfill the dreams of those who imagine President Trump to be some sort of Manchurian Candidate.
6. The Nation: Aaron Mate, Why the Papadopoulos Plea Isn’t a Smoking Gun. It details a possible link between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. But Papadopoulos could also be exaggerating, misled, or lying.
7. Alexander Mercouris, Robert Mueller should resign. Indictments and conflicts of interest arising from FBI’s conduct call into question Special Counsel Mueller’s fitness to head Russiagate inquiry.

Robert Mueller should resign

8. The New Yorker: Masha Gessen, Russian Interference in the 2016 Election: A Cacophony, Not a Conspiracy.
9. Russian and Eurasian Studies: Gordon Hahn, Who’s Been Interfering in Whose Politics?
10. Communists accuse Kremlin of ‘silencing’ revolution centenary.
11. Interfax: Some 200 people participate in nationalist rally in southeastern Moscow – police.
12. Moscow Times: Putin, Jesus And Elon Musk Are Young Russians’ Top Role Models.
13. Russia Beyond: Is Russia ready for a woman president?
14. Cleaning up Russia’s banking sector will take up to two years, central banker says.
15. Russia Insider: Louis Heyward, Moscow Foreign Investment Conference Confirms the Obvious: Western Sanctions Have Backfired. In the next 3-year period, only a third of the federal budget revenues will be generated due to oil and gas revenues.
16. Russia Insider: Paul Goncharoff, The Ground Floor – Russia’s Long Term Growth Opportunity Today.. Investing in Russia today will likely result in significantly outperforming the established and costlier global markets for years to come.
17. Bear Market Brief: SPECIAL FEATURE: An Interview with a Russian Entrepreneur.
18. Nikolai Klimeniouk, Clean hands and empty heads: Transparency International’s new report on Russian theatre. Transparency International-Russia’s recent report on the financial operations of Russia’s state theatres is yet more evidence that the anti-corruption agenda is squeezing out concerns for human rights.
19. The National Interest: Ilan Berman, The Russian War on Terror. The Kremlin needs a real plan to mitigate the threat of returnee ISIS fighters.
20. Russia Observer: Patrick Armstrong, RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 2 NOVEMBER 2017.
21. Russian International Affairs Council: Anton Tsvetov, The Oriental Couchette. (re APEC meeting)
22. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, INTERVIEW WITH MIKHAIL REMIZOV.
23. The Economist: Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Masha Gessen is wrong to call Russia a totalitarian state. The distinction between totalitarianism and authoritarianism is not one of degree, but one of kind.
24. AP: Russia Struggles With Legacy of 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.
25. Valdai Discussion Club: David Lane, THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE OCTOBER REVOLUTION OF 1917.

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