RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-190 :: Monday, 9 October 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#190
Monday, 9 October 2017

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1. TASS: Nearly 1 mln people evacuated across Russia amid bomb threats since September 11.
2. The National Interest: Paul Saunders, A Visit to Russia: Can Relations Be Improved? If the administration wants to work with Moscow, it will find a willing though admittedly difficult partner.
3. Valdai Discussion Club: Richard Sakwa, CLINTON AND RUSSIA: WHO IS MS HILLARY?
4. Ben Aris, Russia’s economy would be growing a lot faster today if it hadn’t spent so much money on rearming. (Kudrin report)
5. Moscow Times: Russian Science in Crisis, Says New Academy of Sciences Chief.
6. Reuters: Russia’s Putin, eyeing election next year, pledges to prosecute vote violations.
7. Russian elections boss proposes stepping up public monitoring of polls.
8. Kremlin creates young professionals reserve for senior posts, website says. (Andrei Vinokurov)
9. Carnegie Moscow Center: Tatyana Stanovaya, Looking Beyond 2018: Putin and the Technocrats.
10. New York Times: Russians, Heeding Navalny’s Call, Mark Putin’s Birthday With Protest.
11. Rallies in support of Navalny held in several Russian cities.
12. Washington Post: Susan Glasser, Putin’s Russia, guided by its totalitarian past, has no future. (re Masha Gessen)
13. Kenneth Rapoza, EBRD Made Decision To ‘Leave’ Russia In Obama Years.
14. Washington Post: Christian Caryl, Russia’s culture wars look a lot like America’s.
15. Russian Faith: Vera Reid, Russians Don’t Do Nursing Homes – Abhor the Idea. The vast majority of Russians insist parents should be cared for by their children – at all costs. Only in rare cases would this occur, i.e. no kids…
16. ‘What apprehension? We are ready for whatever’ – Moscow police chief on World Cup.
17. Moscow Times: Michele Berdy, 25 Russian Words For 25 Years: Part One.
18. Financial Times: Vladislav Inozemtsev, Russia and America can reset relations by looking north. The two states form the younger wings of European civilisation.
19. Reuters: NATO to Launch Black Sea Force as Latest Counter to Russia.
20. Wall Street Journal: The Met to Partner With Russia’s Bolshoi on Three Productions. Companies plan to co-produce Verdi’s ‘Aida,’ Wagner’s ‘Lohengrin’ and Richard Strauss’ ‘Salome’
21. Russia International Affairs Council: Russian Mamedov, Is it time for Moscow’s “Kurdish Policy” in Iraq?
22. Asia Times: M K Bhadrakumar, What Saudis hope to get out of Russia ties. Salman had hardly left Moscow when the Pentagon said a possible $15-billion sale of THAAD aerial defense systems had been approved to Saudi Arabia.
23. The Economist: Back to the table. Why Russia wants to talk about Ukraine. Behind Vladimir Putin’s unacceptable peacekeeping proposal lies an important shift.
24. Ben Aris, INTERVIEW: de Villepin says Ukraine should declare itself neutral.
25. Fort Russ: Eduard Popov, US praises Kiev’s new law undermining Minsk Agreements.
26. Al-Monitor: Marianna Belenkaya, After two years in Syria, what’s next for Russia? Russia and the United States are curious about each other’s long-term goals in Syria, and each believes the other has something up its sleeve.
27. TASS: US clampdown on RT drives Russia to mull reciprocal action – diplomat.
28. TASS: Izvestia: Moscow to respond to US clampdown on Russian media.
29. Washington Post coverage of Russiagate.
31. The Nation: Aaron Mate, Russiagate Is More Fiction Than Fact. From accusations of Trump campaign collusion to Russian Facebook ad buys, the media has substituted hype for evidence.
32. Russia Without BS: Jim Kovpak, What It All Comes Down To.
33. Baltimore Sun; David Zurawik, Facebook’s dirty dance with Russians demands regulation. The time has come for governmental regulation of internet platforms.
34.; Robert Bridge, Red Scare redux? US imposes World War II-era ‘foreign agents’ designation on Russia media.
35. Russia Reviewed: Review: Putin: His Downfall and Russia’s Coming Crash. What better way to commemorate the President of Russia’s 65th birthday than by reviewing a book about his imminent downfall? HAPPY BIRTHDAY VLADDERS!
36. Russia Beyond: Everything you wanted to know about Vladimir Putin.
37. TASS: Russian lawmaker says West used Putin’s birthday to defame Russia.
38. RFE/RL: Brian Whitmore, Painting The Kremlin Facade.
39. Russia Matters: For Putin’s 65th Birthday, Insights From America’s Top Experts on Russia.

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