RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-182 :: Tuesday, 26 September 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#182
Tuesday, 26 September 2017

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1. Robert Parry, WPost Pushes More Dubious Russia-bashing. The Washington Post has published another front-page story about Russia maybe placing some ads on Facebook, but the article violates a host of journalistic principles in hyping its case.
2. Russia Insider: Facebook FAIL: “Russian ads” were actually posts helping Hillary Clinton according to leak.
3. The American Interest: Sean Keeley, The Russian Interference Racket. Moscow’s 2016 election interference demands a serious and sober response. Instead we are getting an uninformed hysteria, empowering partisans and posers alike.
4. Anatomy of a Russian attack: Attempts to target US began immediately after Soviet Union’s collapse.
5. Russian and Eurasian Studies: Gordon Hahn, Russian Propaganda Machine: Much Ado About Little as Compared with Western Stratcomm.
6. Surging oil prices keep Russian ruble world’s strongest currency.
7. Awful Avalanche: Russia Income Inequality = Greatest in the World? – Part II.
8. TASS: Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Federation Council welcomes all proposals to trigger economic growth.
9. Russia’s mobile economy at 4% of GDP to outgrow agriculture, insurance.
10. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, Census of Russian Billionaires 2017.
11. Kenneth Rapoza, What Sanctions? Russian Oil Knocks Exxon Off Its Pedestal.
12. The Russian Review: Juliet Johnson, Currency Crises in Post-Soviet Russia.
13. Russian diplomats expect US to step up destabilization attempts as 2018 election nears.
14. RFE/RL: ‘Caricature Candidate’? Sobchak, Navalny Clash Over Her Rumored 2018 Kremlin Bid.
15. Sean’s Russia Blog Broadcast: Sean Guillory, The Politics of Russia’s Apartment Demolition. (with Maxim Trudolubov)
16. TASS: Kremlin urges Facebook to honor Russian laws.
17. Sputnik: Russian Communications Watchdog Has No Plans to Block Facebook – Putin’s Adviser.
18. Russian International Affairs Council: Proposals for Russia’s Migration Strategy through 2035.
19. Ben Aris, German elections could be good news for Putin but bad for Erdogan.
20. Washington Post editorial: The Kremlin creeps into Germany. The far-right AfD was buoyed by social-media campaigns of the kind Russia has used elsewhere.
21. Fort Russ: Eduard Popov, 2017 German Parliament Elections: A View from Russia.
22. Hasht-e Sobh (Kabul): Paper calls for extensive cooperation between Russia, Afghanistan.
23. Indian Punchline: M. K. Bhadrakumar, What Saudi King Salman’s visit means for Russia.
24. Asia Times: Frederick Kuo, Sino-Russian alliance creating a ‘Eurasian fortress’
25. Koerber Stiftung: Moscow 2017. Reflections on Russia in the World. Seventh Munich Young Leaders Reunion.
26. Wall Street Journal: U.S. to Curb Russian Military Flights Over American Territory. Officials set to restrict observation missions that are now allowed under Open Skies treaty.
27. ‘Deal must be observed’: Kremlin on reports Washington plans to curb Russian control flights over US.
28. Russia Insider: Alex Krainer, Land of the Free? – Amazon Bans Book Critical of Hyper-Russophobe Bill Browder in US.
29. Transitions Online: Neighbours Irate Over Ukrainian Language Law.
30. PONARS Eurasia: Sergiy Kudelia, Extrajudicial Violence in Donbas and Its Consequences for Ukraine.
32. The American Interest: Kirk Bennett, Thinking Long-Term About Ukraine’s Defense. Moscow is planning for a long campaign in Ukraine. We should be too.
33. Voice of America: US Envoy: Russia’s Proposal to Send Peacekeepers to Ukraine Shows Desire to Negotiate.
34. NYU Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia: Timothy Colton delivers the Annual Distinguished Lecture on the consequences of the Ukraine conflict.
35. Russia Beyond: Why Soviet people didn’t believe Stalin was a murderer and tyrant.
36. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Itogi Nedeli for the NTV network, Moscow, September 24, 2017.

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