RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-15 :: Wednesday, 18 January 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#15
Wednesday, 18 January 2017

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1. Russia, US Mulling Joint Mission to Venus.
2. Get Russia: Tyumen: Russia’s Best Place to Live? For the third year running, Tyumen has been named the best place to live in Russia, chosen from 38 of the country’s largest cities.
3. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, Inside the belly of Russia’s ‘propaganda machine’: A visit to RT news channel. US security services have fingered the channel as a key player in the Kremlin’s efforts to sway Western politics. But inside its offices, RT seems a far cry from what the US says it is – and what it aspires to be.
4. The National Interest: Nikolas Gvosdev, America Must Rethink Its Assumptions about Russia. From energy and politics to Syria and Ukraine.
5. Bryan MacDonald, The art of the deal: What does Russia want from Donald Trump?
6. Kenneth Rapoza, Just Like Obama, Trump Takes Another Shot At Russia Reset.
7. TASS: Positive trend in Russian economy should be supported – Putin.
8. Sputnik: Russian GDP to Grow by 1% in 2017 Amid 2.7% Growth of World Economy – UN Report.
9. Russia Direct: Pavel Koshkin, Why the Russian economic crisis is far from over. Despite encouraging signs, Russian economists and politicians continue to express only cautious optimism about the future of the economy.
10. Financial Times: Russia’s economy minister puts focus on markets. Maxim Oreshkin prioritises competition over further privatisation.
11. Interfax: Over half of Russians approve of arrests of govt officials suspected of corruption – poll.
12. Russian and Eurasian Politics: Gordon Hahn, Is a Russian Political Crisis Coming?
13. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Mikhail Rostovsky, The traps Into which Putin might fall. The creeping Maidanisation of Russia, AIDS, and other crises: The Russian Federation president’s agenda for 2017.
14. Mark Galeotti, Russia has no grand plans, but lots of ‘adhocrats’
15. Interfax: State Duma speaker deems CoE pressure over family violence decriminalization by Russia to be inadmissible.
16. TASS: Russia ready for dialog with US on Dima Yakovlev Law–top lawmaker.
17. Website warns against inflated expectations of Russia-US relations.
18. TASS: Analyst believes removal of sanctions can be political bargaining chip with Russia.
19. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Will Russia cut its nuclear arsenal in exchange for lifting sanctions?. The U.S. may reconsider sanctions against Russia if the latter agrees to reduce its nuclear arsenals, said U.S. President-elect Donald Trump in an interview with the British newspaper, The Times. According to military experts, if the reduction is reciprocal then such an agreement will be to Russia’s advantage. Russia, however, will first want a change in NATO policy.
20. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Why is Russia fighting in Syria?. “How is vodka…” “Why Putin…” RBTH has chosen some of the most popular search queries related to Russia and will answer each question in detail in a series of articles titled “Why Russia.” Today we explain why Russia is involved in the war in Syria.
21. Awful Avalanche: Trump Kompromat Dossier–Part II.
22. Russia Beyond the Headlines: A murky business: Why political artist Pavlensky fled Russia. Pyotr Pavlensky has left Russia and plans to apply for political asylum in France. Why has this happened and what does not add up in the suggestion that the secret services are involved?
23. Jeffrey Carr, Russia Responds To U.S. Threats Of Retaliation Over Cyber Attacks.
24. A Demand for Russian ‘Hacking’ Proof. More than 20 U.S. intelligence, military and diplomatic veterans are calling on President Obama to release the evidence backing up allegations that Russia aided the Trump campaign – or admit that the proof is lacking.
25. Joint news conference with President of Moldova Igor Dodon. (DJ: Look for the prostitutes)
26. Western ‘messiahship’ bred Ukrainian crisis, Arab Spring, & refugee flood–Lavrov.
27. Russia’s Lavrov sweeps out Obama era, greets prospects under Trump.
28. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media questions at a news conference on the results of Russian diplomacy in 2016, Moscow January 17, 2017.
29. New York Times editorial: Russia Gains When Donald Trump Trashes NATO.
30. RFE/RL: Brian Whitmore, And Then Putin Came For The West.
31. Washington Post editorial: Trump’s Cabinet knows NATO is important. It’s not clear he agrees.
32. Reuters: U.S. ambassador to U.N. says Russia tearing down global order.
33. Reuters: Biden calls Russia biggest threat to international order.

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia