RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-139 :: Thursday, 20 July 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#139
Thursday, 20 July 2017

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1. Half of Russians see hardest crisis times still ahead.
2. Meeting with Lyudmila Alexeyeva.
3. Moscow Times: Russia Ranked Among Worst Countries to Be a Pensioner.
4. TASS: Poll reveals more than half of Russians support memorial symbols in honor of Stalin.
5. Tatyana Dvornikova, No home, no work, no family: the difficulties of rehabilitation for Russia’s ex-prisoners. Confiscation of property, slave labour, deceit, despair. What else do Russian ex-cons face when they leave prison?
6. Meeting with Government members. Putin: “Today, we will discuss an issue of great importance for practically every Russian family – how we can use information technology to improve access to medical care and medicines.”
7. Sputnik: We Must Safeguard Inter-Ethnic Concord in Russian Society – Putin.
8. Vedomosti: Daily says Kremlin set to create “image of future” for Putin re-election.
9. Paul Goble: Like Putin, Russians Don’t have ‘Image of the Future,’ Shelin Says.
10. TASS: Kremlin mum on documentary about Putin being filmed for 2018 election.
11. Vedomosti: Navalny seeks competitive presidential election, says Russian pundit. (Konstantin Sonin)
12. FINTECH: A Russian fintech revolution is coming.
13. TASS: Putin puts digital economy on list of main goals of Russia’s strategic development.
14. Meduza :Moscow’s cyber-defense. How the Russian government plans to protect the country from the coming cyberwar. (excerpt)
15. Kenneth Rapoza, Trump’s LNG Plans For Poland Won’t Beat The Russians.
16. Russian International Affairs Council: Igor Ivanov, What Does the Future Hold? Reflections Regarding the Hamburg Meeting.
17. The National Interest: Thomas Graham Jr., Congress Must Preserve the INF Treaty with Russia. A new bill proposes that the United States would no longer be bound by the INF Treaty if Russia remains in violation.
19. The Independent (UK): Patrick Cockburn, The massacre of Mosul: 40,000 feared dead in battle to take back city from Isis as scale of civilian casualties revealed.
20. ‘Absurd:’ Kremlin slams reports on Putin’s ‘secret’ meeting with Trump.
21. AP: Report: Trump Ends Covert Plan to Arm Syrian Rebels.
22. Interfax: Russia to verify reports on closure of CIA program backing Syrian opposition – Foreign Ministry.
23. TASS: Putin, Trump discussed Russian adoptions, but no mention of ban revision – Kremlin.
24. Jeffrey Carr, Two Failed Campaign Chairman Appointed By Harvard To Defend Democracy From Hackers.
25. German Marshall Fund: ‘Alliance for Securing Democracy’ Launches at GMF.
26. The Moscow Project (Center for American Progress): Uncovering the Truth About Trump and Russia.
27. Axios: Ex-CIA Director: Trump’s praise of Putin “made my blood boil” (John Brennan)
28. Washington Post editorial: Why Trump’s chat with Putin is not just a chat. The problem is the deeply troubling and unresolved questions about the U.S. president’s relationship with Russia.
29. Washington Post: Huntsman’s Russia connections run through Chevron.
30. Moscow Times: On Trump’s New Man in Russia, Jon Huntsman, Moscow Says ‘Wait and See.’ The former China envoy is facing a tough crowd.
31. The Nation: Stephen Cohen, Cold-War News Not Fit to Print. The mainstream media’s orthodox narrative of the new Cold War and “Russiagate” deletes important aspects of current developments.
32. Caitlin Johnstone, Donna Brazile Just Called Russians “The Communists”, And It Wasn’t An Accident.
33. Tim Worstall, NYTimes Has Not Shown Paul Manafort Was In Debt To Russians – Limited Liability Is Limited Liability.
34. Interfax: Moscow says Malorossiya idea far from “real politics”
35. RIA Novosti: Kremlin aide reportedly says Ukraine Malorossiya idea “useful.” (Surkov)
36. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Russian experts view implications of Ukraine rebels’ project.
37. Awful Avalanche: Malorossiya Constitutional Act – English Translation – Part II.
38. Lessons on Crimea reunification with Russia being added to school curriculum – report.
39. AP: Year After Reporter Killed in Ukraine, No Progress in Probe.
40. The National Interest: Michael Sheldon, Ukraine Needs to Address Its Paramilitary Problem. Volunteer battalions represent a legitimacy dilemma for the Ukrainian government.

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Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

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