RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-138 :: Wednesday, 19 July 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#138
Wednesday, 19 July 2017

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1. The Russian spies living next door. CNN’s “Declassified” reveals the story of Russia’s secret network of deep-cover spies living in the United States. (excerpt)
2. Financial Times (UK)): The ex-spy who casts a light on the Trump-Russia saga. Moscow’s operation of influence in Washington is a long-term affair.
3. The Daily Telegraph (UK): Con Coughlin, As long as Vladimir Putin is president, Russia will be a greater threat than Isil.
4. WATCH: Is Vladimir Putin’s big collapse coming soon? Author Richard Lourie talks about how Putin’s failure to wean Russia off oil will destroy the nation’s economy.
5. Rising prices and falling savings are Russians’ biggest fears.
6. The Independent (UK): Mary Dejevsky, Don’t fear Donald Trump Jr – fear the political point-scorers obsessed with destroying US relations with Russia. When you really looked into it, the British ‘interfered’ with the US election just as much as Russians allegedly did. So where’s the big fuss about that?
7. Interfax-Ukraine: Russia investment in US Treasuries highest since October 2014.
8. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Bad weather in Russia: 5 economic implications. This summer’s bad weather is not only putting a downer on the life in the capital, it’s also severely affecting the domestic economy. Farmers have been hit hardest while inflation and unemployment is on the rise. However, fashion retailers are offering big discounts in a bid to sell summer clothes – so there is one upside.
9. TASS: State Duma approves law on Russian naturalization oath.
10. Christian Science Monitor: Fred Weir, What is stirring Russia’s youth to rally around Alexei Navalny? Tens of thousands of youths have answered the would-be presidential candidate’s call to rally against corruption, often resulting in their mass arrests. Their reasoning shows political sophistication – and not necessarily agreement with Navalny.
12. Rethinking Russia: Akop A. Gabrielyan, NATO-Russia Relations: Overcoming Agony.
13. The National Interest: Sandra Erwin, NATO Is Staging War Rehearsals for the Ultimate Nightmare: A Russian Invasion.
14. No reason to question viability of INF missile treaty with US – top Russian diplomat.
15. Washington Post: Trump to nominate Jon Huntsman as ambassador to Russia.
16. Interfax: Moscow rules out linking issue of Russian diplomatic property in U.S. to provision of land for U.S. general consulate in St. Pete – Ryabkov.
17. Wall Street Journal: U.S., Russia Remain at Odds Over Seized Compounds. High-level meeting fails to produce accord; Moscow threatens retaliation
18. TASS: Press Review: Kommersant: Russian envoy asserts US should unconditionally return Moscow’s diplomatic assets.
19. Justin Raimondo, The ‘Foreign Meddling’ Double-Standard. Latest anti-Trump group is funded by foreign governments.
20. Alexander Mercouris, More ‘fake news: NO second secret G20 Trump-Putin summit meeting. US President Trump’s dinner table conversation with Russian President Putin was no summit meeting and is being grossly misreported. What this story however shows is the extent to which President Trump is now being spied on.
21. Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya says Magnitsky Act lobbyist Browder behind Trump Jr. scandal.
22. The Hill: Katie Pavlich, Clinton’s Russia dirt.
23. The New Yorker: Kathryn Schulz, Valley of the Russian Dolls: A Hollow, Repetitive Form Proves Perfect for Trump.
24. Ukraine paying three times more for American coal – EIA.
25. TASS: Press Review: Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Kiev cobbling together new bill on reintegrating Donbass.
26. TASS: Malorossiya project is personal initiative of self-proclaimed republic’s leader – Kremlin.
27. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, LITTLE RUSSIA.
30. Awful Avalanche: Malorossiya Constitutional Act – English Translation – Part I.
31. Adam Garrie, 5 reasons the Malorossiya declaration is a modest proposal that the EU, Russia and US should support. Today’s Malorossiya declaration gives most international parties who are observing the conflict in Donbass, most of what they have wanted for years. On inspection, the proposals are the opposite of radical, they are entirely reasonable. They do not require the Russian Federation to absorb new territory and it would restore human rights in Ukraine/Malorossiya
32. Fort Russ: Eduard Popov, Malorossiya: Information War Ploy or Real Revolution?
33. Fort Russ: Ukrainian administrator Tuka: “In three years, we have not proved Russian troops are in Donbass”
34. Facebook: Ivan Katchanovski, Civil War.
35. MH17 tragedy: Key questions remain unanswered as int’l probe enters 4th year.

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