RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-134 :: Thursday, 13 July 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#134
Thursday, 13 July 2017

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1. Russia Beyond the Headlines: 6 habits from the Soviet Union that Russians can’t shake. The Soviet Union lasted nearly 70 years, so it’s no surprise it’s legacy lives on – often in some very peculiar (and sometimes unwanted) ways. Some Russians just can’t break certain habits. Below are six of them.
2. Russia Beyond the Headlines: 10 free Russian museum apps that you need to download immediately. Among dozens of mobile apps, RBTH chose the best ones for museums that give you the most relevant and exciting information.
3. Irrussianality: Paul Robinson, RUSSIAN WORLD-VIEWS.
4. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, Navalny vs. Strelkov Debate. Get Hype!
5. Novaya Gazeta: Russian columnist slams “liberal” figures for criticising Navalny. (Yulia Latynina)
6. Paul Goble: Any Successor of Putin Likely to Be a Dictator Unless Society Gets Organized, Pastukhov Says.
7. Interfax: Medvedev actively involved in regional election campaign – press secretary Timakova.
8. Nemtsov killer sentenced to 20yrs behind bars, accomplices to 11-19yrs.
9. Interfax: Yavlinsky on Nemtsov’s murder trial: we never learned mastermind’s name.
10. Awful Avalanche: Russia Adopts New Citizenship Oath.
11. Moscow Times: Alexander Kolesnikov, The Bolshoi Ballet ‘Nureyev’ Just Wasn’t Ready, Really . Liberal journalists are prepared to believe anything but the truth. And the truth is that the ballet on Rudolf Nureyev wasn’t ready.
12. Moscow Times: Michele Berdy, Moscow Exhibition Takes You Back to When Icons Were Subversive.
13. Interfax: Govt policy measures could reduce price volatility, inflation expectations – CBR chief.
14. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Things Russians save money on to get through the crisis. As consumer prices grow, so does the number of Russians cutting their spending. While everyone finds their own way to save money, the food, clothing, and tourism industries are feeling the squeeze.
15. Wall Street Journal: Uber Merges Russian Arm With Yandex.Taxi. The two companies said they will form a new joint venture in Russia that will be run by Yandex.Taxi’s CEO
16. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Yandex and Uber link up to create joint ride-hailing venture in Russia.
17. Carnegie Moscow Center: Alexander Baunov, Making the Best of a No-Win Encounter: Putin and Trump Meet. Expectations of the first meeting between presidents Putin and Trump were low, and the U.S. president stood to lose out however the encounter went. But any agreement to manage the risks in the relationship counts as an achievement.
18. Intersection: Anton Barbashin, A sober view of the Putin-Trump “Bromance.” Why Trump’s presidency is a tougher challenge for Russia than Obama’s.
19. Interfax-Ukraine: Poll: More Russians come to like Trump after he meets with Putin.
20. The Nation: Stephen Cohen, Trump-Putin Détente Partnership Begins as ‘Russiagate’ Attacks on It Grow. Cooperation with Russia is imperative, but never has the US political-media elite’s opposition to it been so virulent.
21. PBS Newshour: Why are so many from this Russian republic fighting for ISIS?
22. Lavrov: Shortsighted policies of US, EU in many ways provoked Ukrainian crisis.
23. Russian International Affairs Council: Alexander Vorobyov, China and Central Asia: Growing Friendship at Russian Borders.
24. Russian International Affairs Council: Nikolay Surkov Russian-Saudi Relations Entering New Phase.
25. Justin Raimondo, Was Trump Junior Framed? “Russia-gate” goes nuclear.
26. Caitlin Johnstone, The Biggest Plot Hole In Russiagate Is That Nobody Can Even Say What It Is.
27. The National Interest: George Beebe, How to Deter Russian Cyber Attacks.
28. Ben Shapiro, What If There’s No Trump-Russia Conspiracy? The Left’s entire plan rests on its conspiracy theories being true.
29. Bloomberg: Leonid Bershidsky, Trump Wanted to Collude, But Did Putin? The most interesting part of this story is about how the Kremlin responded to Trump’s open invitation.
30. Washington Post: From the Kremlin to K Street: Russia-funded radio broadcasts blocks from the White House.
31. Washington Post: National security figures launch project to counter Russian mischief.
32. Washington Post editorial: This is why Russia wanted to help Trump. It’s about Putin’s adherence to a set of values that are antithetical to what have been bedrock American values.

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