RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-131 :: Monday, 10 July 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#131
Monday, 10 July 2017

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1. Jeffrey Carr, The Publicly Available Evidence Doesn’t Support Russian Gov Hacking of 2016 Election.
2. Russia Beyond the Headlines: On this day: Inauguration of Boris Yeltsin as the first president of Russia.
3. News conference following the G20 Summit.
5. TASS: Press review: Putin-Trump meeting produces Syrian truce and US bows out as global leader.
6. Gilbert Doctorow, Putin – Trump meeting in Hamburg: what paradigm for development of US-Russian relations should we look for? (excerpt)
8. The National Interest: Doug Bandow, When Trump Met Putin: Is Reconciliation in the Air?
9. Facebook: Vladimir Golstein, My “morning after” observations on Putin-Trump meeting.
10. Valdai Discussion Club: Angela Stent, THE G-20 SUMMIT: AFTERWORD.
11. Facebook: Fred Weir, Nefarious Agenda.
12. Twitter: Gregory Feifer, Putin’s Meddling.
13. Asia Times: David Goldman, Trump is right about challenging Russia over Syria.
14. Russia to continue cooperation with US on de-escalation zones in Syria – Lavrov.
15. TASS: Experts say Russian-US agreement on Syrian ceasefire to maintain status quo. (Kortunov and Lukyanov)
16. Ray McGovern, The Syrian Test of Trump-Putin Accord. The U.S. mainstream media remains obsessed over Russia’s alleged “meddling” in last fall’s election, but the real test of bilateral cooperation may come on the cease-fire in Syria.
17. Caitlin Johnstone, Reminder: The Last US-Russian Ceasefire In Syria, US Droned Syrian Soldiers.
18. Putin-Trump cybersecurity cooperation to take place, but will take time – Russia G20 Sherpa.
19. Moscow Times: Alexei Levinson, What Russians Want From Their President. The country’s voters may have just one request for their next president: maintain the status quo.
20. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Commentary considers Russia after Putin. (Aleksandr Melman)
21. Russian news website eyes election preparations at presidential staff.
22. The Unz Review: Anatoly Karlin, Anti-Obituary for Anton Nossik.
23. The Unz Report: Anatoly Karlin, The Mysteries of Ilya Glazunov.
24. Russia contemplates recall of NATO permanent representative – report.
25. Kenneth Rapoza, Washington’s Ferociously Anti-Russia Sanctions Meet Resistance.
26. The Unz Review: Israel Shamir, They Spoke.
27. Facebook: Vladimir Golstein, Denunciation of Trump … back in the Soviet Union.
28. Russia Insider: James Howard Kunstler, Suicide by Stupidity – US Media Coverage of the G20 Summit.
29. The Hill: James Durso, Time for the US to modernize its approach to Russia.
30. Economic Principals: David Warsh, Mending the Gap? Why the DNC mistrusts the FBI.
31. Ben Aris, Eurasian eyes turn east. Russia is more and more seeing China’s push West as an opportunity rather than a threat.
32. The Unz Review: Andrei Martyanov, The Russo-Chinese “Alliance” Explained.
33. Carnegie Moscow Center: Andrei Lankov, The Real Story of North Korean Labor Camps in Russia. The U.S. State Department’s effort to portray North Korean migrant labor in Russia as slavery is misguided; working abroad is one of the only ways for North Koreans to climb the social ladder and provide their families with a modicum of financial stability.
34. Al Arabiya English (UAE): Orhan Gafarli, Is Russia’s ‘neutrality’ over Qatar Crisis a sign of its dilemma?
35. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Samizdat: How did people in the Soviet Union circumvent state censorship. People in the USSR boasted of reading the most of any other nation. Not only did they read books purchased at bookstores, but they also risked their freedom by reading, publishing and distributing prohibited literature.
36. US State Dept bashes Moscow for not helping shelter in mythical town known as ‘Russian Atlantis’
37. The Guardian (UK): Stuart Jeffries, Will the cliche of the ‘Russian baddie’ ever leave our screens?. With James Norton starring in McMafia, an upcoming BBC drama about a mob family, the country’s criminal image shows no sign of disappearing.
38. Jerusalem Post (Israel) editorial, EDELSTEIN IN MOSCOW. “Even in my best dreams, I didn’t believe I would reach this moment,” Edelstein told the Russian lawmakers in both Hebrew and Russian.
39. New York Times: Anastasia Edel, The Remains of the Romanovs. Nearly a century after Czar Nicholas and his family were murdered, their fate still haunts Russia.

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