RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-128 :: Thursday, 6 July 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#128
Thursday, 6 July 2017

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1. Washington Times: Hacked computer server that handled DNC email remains out of reach of Russia investigators.
2. Moscow Times: Bad Weather Blamed for Moscow’s Summer Sadness.
3. Moscow Times: Putin Likely to Run as Independent in 2018 Election.
4. Interfax: Issue of Putin’s nomination as candidate in 2018 presidential elections not yet on Kremlin agenda – Peskov.
5. TASS: Putin’s approval rating soars past 81% – poll.
6. Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects meeting. The Digital Economy programme was the main item on the agenda.
7. Article by Vladimir Putin published in the German business newspaper Handelsblatt. (re G20 meeting)
8. Washington Post: Michael Morell and Samantha Vinograd, What Putin’s team is probably telling him about Trump.
9. TASS: Ambassador Sergey Kislyak: ‘I think history will dispel untruths over time.’ Russian ambassador to the US spoke to TASS about his work with Trump’s team, the anti-Russian frenzy and his popularity in Washington.
10. Bryan MacDonald, Putin & Trump finally meet: Here’s why Russia and America can’t get along.
11. Russia Observer: Patrick Armstrong, Something for them to talk about.
12. Indian Punchline: M.K. Bhadrakumar, Trump offers carrot to Russia, brandishes stick at China.
13. Trump Aides Want Kremlin Critic in Putin Meeting. Trump officials hope the White House will allow a leading critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin to be included in the one-on-one meeting between the two leaders on Thursday. (re Fiona Hill)
14. Russian and Eurasian Politics: Gordon Hahn, Trump-Putin: Chemistry and Comity or Win-Lose Antipathy?
15. Washington Post: Phone taps, power plays and sarcasm: What it’s like to negotiate with Vladimir Putin.
16. Wall Street Journal: Tillerson Says U.S. Is Ready to Talk to Russia About No-Fly Zones in Syria. Chief U.S. diplomat sounds optimistic note on Moscow in advance of Trump meeting with Putin.
17. Russian International Affairs Council: Managing the Cold Peace between Russia and the West. Fifth Task Force Position Paper Released.
18. To Reach Social Networkers in Russia, Be Funny. Humor, health key to country’s most popular social media communities.
19. Meduza: Russian Attorney General blocks the country’s most prominent Russian nationalist website.
20. Meduza: The renewed crackdown on Alexey Navalny’s presidential campaign.
21. Paul Goble: Russia Caught Between Economic Decline and Potentially Explosive Demographic Change.
22. Valdai Discussion Club: Andrey Sushentsov, “RED ALERT” AND RISK OF MISCALCULATION IN EASTERN EUROPE.
23. The Daily Mail (UK): Peter Hitchens, ‘Russian aggression in the Caribbean sparks fears of new Cold War’. Sorry, no it doesn’t….but I suspect you’d be inclined to believe if it if you read the following.
24. Valdai Discussion Club: Vasily Kashin, XI JINPING’S VISIT TO RUSSIA: GRADUAL PROGRESS.
25. Asia Times: Sergei Blagov, Russia’s ‘balanced’ approach to China, ASEAN has its limits. Moscow will remain friendly with ASEAN countries up to a point – its “strategic partnership” with Beijing is its clear priority.
26. Moscow promotes joint Russia-China plan instead of US attempts to ‘strangle’ N. Korea at UNSC.
27. Rethinking Russia: Danielle Ryan, CNN’s new restrictions on Russia coverage are too reckless.
28. Russia Insider: Marko Marjanovic, US Military Intelligence: Russia Seeks a Dystopian World Where No One State Dominates Entire Globe. Oh, the horror!
29. TASS: Half of Russians strongly condemn Stalin’s repressions, while 43% justify them – poll.
30. Moscow Times: ‘Mad Men’ Director’s New Series ‘Romanoffs’ to Tell Story of Heirs to Russia’s Throne. Matthew Weiner’s latest project will dramatize the lives of descendants of the Russian royal family.
31. Moscow Times: Mark Galeotti, Reasons to Be Cheerful, 1, 2, 3: What Lies Ahead for Russian Politics. The Moscow Times’ long-time columnist takes a look into the crystal ball of Russia’s political future.
32. The Kremlin Stooge: Lyttenburgh, The Credibility Gap That Ought To Be. (excerpt) (re Mark Galeotti)
33. Between Two Worlds: The “Art” of an American Surviving in Small Town Russia: LIFE BACK IN RUSSIA AFTER ONE YEAR.

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