RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-123 :: Friday, 30 June 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#123
Friday, 30 June 2017

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1. Ivan Katchanovski: The Maidan Massacre in Ukraine: Revelations from Trials and Government Investigations. (excerpt)
2. Russian International Affairs Council: Andrey Kortunov, Sergey Utkin, and Ivan Timofeev, Theses on Russia’s Foreign Policy and Global Positioning (2017-2024)
3. TASS: US aviation authorities notify Aeroflot of extra air-safety measures.
4. Nick Allen, Alexei Navalny: potent sideshow pony in Russia’s one-horse race.
5. The Guardian (UK): Angus Roxburgh, I thought nothing in Russia could shock me. Then I went to a television broadcast. I was interrogated for seven hours and saw random people arrested. But the orchestrated hate and xenophobia I witnessed at Channel One was truly chilling.
6. Moscow Times: John Freedman, Je Suis Malobrodsky: Theater, Politics and Russian Scandal. Navigating Russian fiscal laws is something akin to traversing the woods in a Brothers Grimm fairy tale.
7. Russia’s economy surges, besting all forecasts. Strong figures for May point to a faster than expected recovery.
8. Bloomberg: Russia Sticks to Conservative $40 Oil Forecast for 2018 Budget.
9. Paul Goble: Kremlin’s Claims about Economic Growth Rest on Three Weak Reeds, Russian Experts Say.
10. Kenneth Rapoza, With OPEC Weakening, World Energy Now Pits Russia Versus U.S.
11. Valdai Discussion Club: Yaroslav Lissovolik, ON THE VALUE OF ALTERNATIVES IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY.
12. Justin Raimondo, Why The Elites Hate Putin. On Oliver Stone’s The Putin Interviews (Part III)
13. Russia Observer: Patrick Armstrong, RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 29 JUNE 2017
14. Reuters: Kissinger Calls Putin-Trump Meeting a Chance to Mend Ties.
15. TASS: Lavrov assures Hamburg meeting between Putin, Trump will clarify Russian-US ties.
16. Jill Dougherty, Don’t expect much out of a Putin-Trump meeting.
17. The National Interest: Dave Majumdar, Just How Dangerous Is Russia’s Military?
18. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Russia’s proximity seen as “existential threat” to Nato – envoy. (Alexander Grushko)
19. Brian Cloughley, NATO’s Expanding Military Frontier.
20. Robert Parry, NYT Finally Retracts Russia-gate Canard.A founding Russia-gate myth is that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agreed that Russia hacked into and distributed Democratic emails, a falsehood that The New York Times has belatedly retracted
21. Moskovsky Komsomolets: Russian missile designer interviewed about “nuclear secrets.” (Yuriy Solomonov)
22. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Phoebe Taplin, 6 novels inspired by Russia to add to your summer reading list. Russia and the Soviet Union continue to inspire countless novelists in the English-speaking countries. While Julian Barnes tries to reincarnate Shostakovich’s daily life under the gaze of the authorities, A.J. Perry tells the story of the turbulent 1990s through the eyes of a young American expat.
23. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Soviet counterculture: How rebellious youngsters opposed communism. Stilyagi, hippies, bikers, punks, rockers, and metalheads formed countercultures that often invited the wrath of the Soviet authorities. With the help of artist Alexander Petlura, who has the biggest collection of all things Soviet in Moscow, and a book titled Hooligans of the 80s by Misha Buster, RBTH takes a look at the rebellious youth of the Soviet Union.
24. Center for American Progress: Time to Act on Russia Sanctions.
25. Erin Gloria Ryan, Liberal Impeachment Fantasies Have to Stop. Trump and his supporters won’t go gently into that good night.
26. Fort Russ/ Expectation of Ukraine’s decay is logical, but can lead to disaster — Chisamov.
27. Wall Street Journal: Stephen Blank, Trump’s Opportunity to Arm Ukraine. How to promote freedom, advance U.S. interests, and show strength to Russia.

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