RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2017-103 :: Thursday, 1 June 2017

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2017-#103
Thursday, 1 June 2017

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1. TASS: Putin speaks out against anti-Russian sentiment at SPIEF.
2. TASS: Russia not involved in hacker attacks at state level – Putin.
3. TASS: Putin says Russia has to respond to other countries’ military potential buildup.
4. Meeting with heads of international news agencies.
5. Meeting with Commissioner for Children’s Rights Anna Kuznetsova.
6. Awful Avalanche: O What Rogues And Peasant Slaves Are Those Moscow Cops! – Part III.
7. Realnoe Vremya (Tartarstan): Pyotr Bystrov: ”Putin will leave at the end of the 2020s” The famous political analyst tells about a ”lowering” of Navalny, immutable positions of Medvedev and the correct behaviour model for newcomer governors.
8. Wall Street Journal: Judge Orders Russian Opposition Leader to Delete Parts of Investigative Video.Moscow Court tells Alexei Navalny to delete parts of video critical of billionaire Alisher Usmanov.
9. TASS: Court orders 2 mln rubles compensation to activist Dadin for wrongful prosecution.
10. Realnoe Vremya (Tartarstan): Dmitry Medvedev: ”Have dear oil workers paid you money? Money hurts nobody” The first day of Russian Prime Minister in Kazan: questions about salary, instant execution of orders and requests for foreign trips.
11. TASS: Kremlin comments on ex-finance minister’s proposal to privatize Russia’s oil sector.
12. Rick Sterling, Comprehending Today’s Russia. The U.S. government and mainstream media present Russia as a dangerous aggressor that must be resisted and punished, but American citizens who toured Russia in May found a very different reality.
13. Nabi Abdullaev, U.S. Companies To Talk Business With Putin In St. Petersburg.
14. Times: Kremlin gathers experts to tackle Russia’s anaemic growth.
15. Beyond the Recession, More Problems Await Russia.
16. Russia confirms commitment to Paris climate change agreement amid fears of US pullout.
17. Jon Sather, An Invisible Curtain Falls Between Russia and the West. Is the Cold War truly over, or has the front line simply moved from battlespace to cyberspace?
18. Bryan MacDonald, Russia is forsaking the West and moving toward China.
19. China US Focus: Elizabeth Wishnick, The Unpredictable Triangle: U.S.-China-Russia Relations in the Trump Era.
20. Alexander Mercouris, Moldova Maidan: President blames west for expulsion of Russian diplomats. The expulsion of Russian diplomats by the Moldovan government reflects a bitter internal power struggle within Moldova between the country’s pro-Russian President and its pro-EU government, in the midst of a government crisis caused by the collapse of the pro-EU coalition which has governed the country since 2009.
21. Reuters: ‘Axis of Love’: Saudi-Russia Detente Heralds New Oil Order.
22. Harpers Magazine: Michael Glennon, Security Breach. Trump’s tussle with the bureaucratic state.
23. The Nation: Stephen Cohen, Terrorism and the Perils of ‘Russiagate.’ As Trump and Putin strive for an essential US-Russia alliance against international terrorism, American media frenzy, fueled by anonymous leaks, continues to thwart it.
24. The Onion: ‘Washington Post’ Reporter Frustrated Every Space In Parking Garage Taken Up By Anonymous Sources.
25. Reuters: Blame game for cyber attacks grows murkier as spying, crime tools mix.
26. Wall Street Journal editorial: Samantha Power Unmasked. Why would a diplomat need to know the names of Trump officials?
27. The Economist: The Economist explains. The many, many probes into Trump-Russia ties.
28. Bloomberg: Russian Banker Sees Trump Facing Witch Hunt in New Cold War. (Andrey Kostin)
29. Washington Post: Trump administration moves to return Russian compounds in Maryland and New York.
30. Interfax: Ukraine’s justice ministry sues Saakashvili.
31. Kiev seen “pushing” Ukraine’s southeast towards Russia.

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia

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