RUSSIA & UKRAINE – Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: JRL 2016-44 :: Thursday, 3 March 2016

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Johnson’s Russia List :: JRL 2016-#44
Thursday, 3 March 2016

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1. TASS: Russia’s warmest winter on record – report.
2. TASS: Thomas Graham: US-Russian relations have entered a new era. One of the leading US experts on Russia, Thomas Graham, in an interview with TASS.
3. YaleGlobal Online: Thomas Graham, Russia Achieves Tactical Success in the Middle East, But No Strategic Victory. Russia needs good ties with the West more than short-term gains in Ukraine and Syria.
4. Reuters: Public Support for Putin to Serve Another Term Hits Highest Level in Four Years-Poll.
5. Putin’s electoral rating hits 4-year high.
6. Moskovskiy Komsomolets: Mikhail Rostovskiy, Mystery of Putin’s rating; economy is in crisis but Putin’s rating is not. How can that be?
7. TASS: Kremlin: Russia’s Central Election Commission chief leaves in ‘natural rotation’
8. editorial: Murdered Politics; Why Since Boris Nemtsov’s Death The Struggle For Honest Elections Has Become Pointless.
9. Russia Direct: How does the Internet fit into Russia’s security strategy? Against the background of continuing confrontation with the West and growing domestic authoritarianism, the Kremlin is continuing on a path of increased state control of the Russian Internet and a significantly expanded view of information security.
10. TASS: Russian blogger stands trial on charges of insulting believers’ religious feelings.
11. Facebook: Alexander Mercouris, Jon Hellevig on Russian Economic Diversification.
12. Awara: Jon Hellevig, Russian Economy – The disease is not Dutch but Liberal.
13. Carnegie Moscow Center: Andrey Movchan, Sources of Russia’s Stagnation.
14. Reuters: Russian corporate profits up 53 pct y/y in 2015 – stats service.
15. Russia Thinks It Has Solved the Oil-Price Crisis.
17. Wall Street Journal: Goldman Likely to Drop Bid on Russian Bond Deal Following U.S. Pressure, Sources Say.
18. Vedomosti: Analysts view Chechen leader’s future, “bargaining” with Kremlin.
19. Mark Adomanis, Fairwell Kadyrov?
20. Reuters: Nanny who beheaded Russian girl cites revenge for Putin’s Syria strikes.
21. Wall Street Journal: No Political Deal Likely in Syria, Despite Shaky Cease-Fire. An unstable, de facto partition of the country is the more probable scenario.
22. Interview With Russian Political Analyst Sergey Karaganov: The Four Reasons Why Russia Intervened In Syria.
23. Russia Direct: Victoria I. Zhuravleva, US-Russian hotline diplomacy gets its toughest test yet in Syria. The Syria ceasefire deal between the Kremlin and the White House reveals the desire of both sides to start the bridge-building process in bilateral relations. Hotline diplomacy, once thought to be a relic of the Cold War, could be making a comeback.
24. ‘Sunshine of the spotless mind’: Russia rebuts NATO accusation of it ‘weaponizing’ migrant crisis.
25. Sputnik: Alexander Mercouris, The Syrian Truce Vindicates Russia’s Operation.
26. Russia Beyond the Headlines: What’s behind Ankara’s conciliatory overtures to Moscow? Amidst the almost frozen interaction between Turkey and Russia, top government officials in Ankara are sending signals to Moscow of their readiness to mend the ruptured relationship. Can these suggestions be taken at face value and what are the chances of a reconciliation?
27. Attempts to unite Europe without Russia ended in tragedies – Lavrov.
28. Russia Direct: Andrei Zolotov, Russia’s parliamentarians lead the charge against EU sanctions. At the recent meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, it was impossible not to notice how Austria took a much more constructive approach to engaging Russian parliamentarians than did Finland last summer.
29. Bryan MacDonald, US defense establishment believes Putin must be ‘defeated’
30. Sputnik: This is How the 2016 US Presidential Candidates Feel About Russia.
31. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Why Russia sympathizes with Trump: Super Tuesday in the Russian press. Following big wins for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the contests for the Republican and Democratic nominations for the U.S. presidency on Super Tuesday, Russian media offered their interpretations of the leading candidates’ credentials.
32. Deutsche Welle: Russia’s new role in Afghanistan. More than two decades after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, Moscow is once again seeking to play a major role in the country by boosting military and economic cooperation with Kabul. DW examines.
33. Rethinking Russia: Salvatore Babones, Russia and the New Silk Road.
34. Intersection: Stephen Blank, Russia is losing Latin America. Offering a dead end of strife and backwardness, Moscow’s position throughout the region is visibly declining.
35. Atlantic Council: Alexander Motyl, Two Cheers for Cold War!
36. The Spectator (UK): Will Nicoll, When the Russians killed Mother Russia. The decade of internecine carnage that followed the 1916 October revolution was one of the bitterest and – until Jonathan D. Smele’s latest book – most neglected periods of Russian history.
37. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Sergey Lavrov’s article “Russia’s Foreign Policy: Historical Background” for “Russia in Global Affairs” magazine, March 3, 2016.
38. TASS: Poll: Some 70% of Ukrainians dissatisfied with PM Yatsenyuk.

Map of Commonwealth of Independent States, European Portion

Map of Ukraine, Including Crimea, and Neighbors, Including Russia