RUSSIA & UKRAINE: Johnson’s Russia List table of contents :: 2014-#52 :: Monday, 10 March 2014

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Johnson’s Russia List :: 2014-#52 :: 10 March 2014
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1. ITAR-TASS: Weather in Moscow about to set new temperature record.
2. Interfax: Washington to support any Ukrainian president elected democratically – U.S. ambassador in Kyiv.
3. RIA Novosti: Yanukovych to Speak in Rostov-on-Don – Report.
4. The Holmes Report: Ukrainian PR Execs Create Crisis Media Center To Combat Russian ‘Propaganda’
5. RFE/RL: As Crimea Tensions Escalates, Ukrainian Women, Too, Ready To Take Up Arms.
6. Toronto Star: Talk of war dominates discussion in Kyiv’s Maidan. Thousands of protesters in Independence Square swear they will take up arms to oppose Russia’s military takeover of Crimea.
7. New York Times: A Kiev Question: What Became of the Missing?
8. USA Today: Difficult work ahead as Ukraine builds fresh start.
9. The Guardian: Ukraine’s oligarchs: who are they – and which side are they on?
10. Financial Times: Ukraine’s nationalists may be in office but not really in power.
11. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Anonymous launches cyber attacks in defense of Ukraine.
12. Russia Beyond the Headlines: Analysts debate effect of economic sanctions. Russian experts continue to believe the West will back off economic sanctions because of potential damage to the global economy.
13. Reuters: Putin defends Crimea’s decision to hold referendum.
14. Interfax: Crimean speaker speaks on new Ukrainian administration’s attempts to reach agreements with Crimea.
15. RIA Novosti: Kiev Plans No Troop Deployment in Crimea – Minister.
16. The Voice of Russia: 80% Crimeans support accession to Russia – polls.
17. Why referendum? Crimeans speak out on Ukraine.
18. Financial Times: Tatars warn Russia risks provoking jihadi backlash in Crimea.
19. Reuters: Factbox: What is Crimea and why does it matter?
20. Interfax: Crimean leaders blame Kyiv for selling Ukraine off for IMF loans.
21. Russia Beyond the Headlines/ How does Crimea fit into international law? There are plenty of recent examples both for and against the right of Crimea to determine its own fate.
22. RIA Novosti: Preparations for Joining Russia Already Underway – Aksyonov.
23. Christian Science Monitor: Obama refuses to recognize a Russian Crimea. But is secession illegal?
24. Voice of America: James Brooke, Russia’s Occupation of Crimea: Blueprint for Eastern Ukraine?
25. Reuters: Russian Foreign Ministry condemns “lawlessness” in east Ukraine.
26. New York Times: Fears of Impending Change Darken Normally Lighthearted Odessa.
27. Interfax: Crimean authorities say Ukrainian Defense Ministry units quartered in Crimea disobey Kyiv.
28. Simon Shuster, Ukraine Troops in Crimea Face Dilemma: To Defect, Flee or Fight
29. Kommersant: Russia sees Ukraine’s future in the past. Kommersant found out why Moscow insists to return to the agreement, signed on February 21st.
30. The Voice of Russia: Ukraine regime unveils tough austerity plan.
31. Financial Times: Lawrence Summers, ‘Potemkin money’ is the wrong way to help Ukraine. The west should make modest promises and then strive to deliver more than the country expects
32. A Struggle Amongst Oligarchs in Ukraine Pt.2. (interview with Aleksandr Buzgalin)
33. Reuters: Putin foe Khodorkovsky says Russia is lying about Ukraine.
34. Jack Matlock, Russia’s Media Distortions Are Dangerous for Russia.
35. Leslie Gelb, Cut The Baloney On Ukraine. All countries must stop their lies and self-destructive posturing or pay costs they’re loath to admit.
36. International Institute for Strategic Studies: Samuel Charap, A deal to avert disaster in Ukraine.
37. Russia Direct: James Carden, The UN has a role to play in the Ukraine crisis. In Ukraine, there may be no good options for resolving the crisis, but the “least bad” option would be a settlement brokered by the UN.
38. Pietro Shakarian, Ukraine: What Will Happen Next?
39. In Moscow’s Shadows: Mark Galeotti, Why Kyiv Must Break The Stalemate.
40. Christian Science Monitor editorial: Ukraine crisis needs a balm of gratitude.
41. Russia Direct: Will the Crimea crisis lead to Cold War II? With Crimea now holding a referendum on becoming a part of Russia on March 16, there’s growing anxiety from Russian and foreign experts about another Cold War.
42. Interfax: Kyiv: Price for Russian gas could stand at $368.5 per 1,000 cm in 2Q.
43. Wall Street Journal: West Tries to Loosen Russia’s Gas Grip. Moves Are Latest Sign of Growing Pressure on Moscow to End Crisis.
44. Natural Gas Europe/Stratfor: U.S. Natural Gas Will Not Curb Russian Influence.
46. The Voice of Russia: German ex-Chancellor Schroeder calls EU policy towards Ukraine wrong.
47. US deploys fighter jets in Poland and Lithuania amid Ukrainian turmoil.
48. The Guardian: Jonathan Freedland, As the Ukraine debate rages, both sides are getting it wrong. It’s possible to condemn Vladimir Putin’s invasion – and to believe that Kiev’s new government is no place for fascists.
49. Paul Rogers, Ukraine’s crisis, the west’s trap. The dangerous stand-off with Russia over Ukraine is also a display of the west’s skewed perceptions and moral vanities.
50. The Independent (UK): Patrick Cockburn, To see what Ukraine’s future may be, just look at Lviv’s shameful past. A seemingly cosmopolitan city is a nationalist stronghold and monument to ethnic cleansing, as its barbaric wartime treatment of Jews illustrated.
51. Gen. Dempsey Pushes Back Against War Fever.
52. PBS Newshour: Joint Chiefs chairman Dempsey on Ukraine, military sex abuse and budget cuts. (partial transcript)
53. The New Republic: Edward Luttwak, Russia Wants Much More Than Crimea.
54. Wall Street Journal: Republicans Press Obama Over Crimea.
55. Washington Post: Joshua Tucker, Ukraine update: A quick guide to our recent scholarly commentary.

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